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Viking Unst. Excavation and Survey in Northern Shetland 2006 - 2010. Val E. Turner, 2013.

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This volume presents the results of the excavation of three longhouse Viking sites: Belmont, Hamar and Underhoull.


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Media's author: Val E. Turner, Julie M. Bond and Anne-Christine Lauren

Editor:Val E. Turner and Olwyn A. Owen

Languages : English

Publishing year: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9565698-9-9




Recording and researching Unst place names

The 1997 Survey of Southwest Unst

In search of the infields: Viking/ norse Field Systems in Unst

Palaeoenvironmental investigations of mire deposits from Unst

The Stone Settings of Balta

Topographical and Geophysical Surveys of Vinstrick Ness, Unst

Gazetteer of Longhouses in Unst

Excavation at Hamar and Underhoull

The excavation at Belmont, Wadbister, Unst, Shetland

Norwick- Shetland' earliest Viking settlement

The legacy of the Viking Unst Project.