The Routes of El legado andalusí

El legado andalusí (The Legacy of al-Andalus) is a public foundation of the Andalusia regional government. Its aim is to promote and disseminate the cultural patrimony of Andalusia, paying particular attention to the artistic expression and monuments of the Hispano-Moslem period.


The objectives set by Andalusian Public Foundation El legado andalusí are based on the reassessment and dissemination of the Spanish-Muslim civilisation by means of its art and culture and historical and social relationships with the Arab world, the Mediterranean environment and the Latin America.

The activities we are developing to achieve these objectives include the promotion of cultural and rural tourism, traditional arts, the protection and restoration of our vast heritage of monuments and art.

These aspects can be found in the Routes of El legado andalusí, which are historical and traditional roads travelled along in years gone by historical travellers that will increase the number of tourist activities available in inland Andalusia. The Routes of al-Andalus take in more than two hundred towns throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The routes of El legado andalusí :

  • Route of the Caliphate, from Cordoba to Granada - Map
  • Route of Washington Irving, from Seville to Granada - Map
  • Route of the Nasrides, from Navas de Tolosa (Jaén) to Granada - Map
  • Route of the Almoravids and Almohads, from Tarifa (Cádiz) to Granada - Map
  • Route of Alpujarras, from Almería to Granada - Map
  • Route of Ibn al-Khatib, from Murcia to Granada - Map
  • Route of al-Mutamid, from Lisboa – Huelva to Granada - Map
  • Route of al-Idrisi, from Algeciras to Granada - Map
  • Route of the Umayyads