The European Cemeteries Route

The European Cemeteries Route is composed of 67 cemeteries in 54 cities in 20 European countries. The European Cemeteries Route is a proposal for tourism and heritage promotion, developed by Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE), through which citizens and visitors get in touch with the important cultural heritage reflected in cemeteries.


Cemeteries are part of our tangible heritage, for their works, sculptures, engravings, and even for their urban planning. Cemeteries are also part of our intangible heritage, our anthropological reality, providing a framework surrounding the habits and practices related to death.

Cemeteries are sacred and emotional spaces but at the same time they are witnesses of local history for cities and towns. They are common to all cities and towns in Europe.

The European Cemeteries Route provides the visitors ability to literally walk through the local history, to learn about important personalities who have worked and left their mark in cities. Traveling through this route actually enables to discover local, national and European Cultural Heritage resting in cemeteries. It helps to raise European citizen awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries in Europe.

Visit European Cemeteries Route and get in touch with the european cultural heritage resting in cemeteries.