In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson

The objective of the European Stevenson network is to promote the life and works of Robert Louis Stevenson and in parallel, the territories visited and explored by the author. 


The European Network In the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson aims to promote knowledge of the author's works and travels and to draw attention to the areas associated with him.  The Network is composed of organisations, both public and private sector, active in the fields of culture, the arts, tourism and sport.  These partners organise events for all ages around the theme of Robert Louis Stevenson: cultural events such as talks, visits, exhibitions; as well as the more active hiking, canoeing, rowing and even travels with a donkey.  

The members of the European Stevenson Network are keen to reflect the values of the author in their activities, his interest in people and places. The Network works to protect and promote the cultural and natural heritage of the member areas.  It also assists the economic development in those areas which require it, supporting cultural tourism as a means of sustainable development of these territories.