Destination Napoleon

Destination Napoleon represents 60 cities in 13 countries from Portugal to Russia united in the aim to place their Napoleonic historical heritage in its European dimension.


Destination Napoleon stretches from Portugal to Russia, supported by the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities. Beyond our opinions about the man and his actions, the elected representatives of these cities know the importance of the material and moral heritage that we have inherited. Napoleon marked our cities, not only their past, urban form, their fortune, good or bad, but also their present. We want to showcase this heritage so that it continues to create meaning and richness to our contemporaries. It is through an understanding and an appreciation of the contributions of history that prepare European citizens to better address the challenges of modern times. The name Napoleon is a privileged gateway to the whole heritage of Europe. Destination Napoleon draws its originality and richness in its continental dimension, in its geographical and administrative diversity and certainly in its historical, cultural and patrimonial magnitude. We must take into account both the historical truth and the need to respond to the diverse expectations, practices and contexts of each country and within each territory. It is not enough to follow the footsteps of the great campaigns or to place commemorative beacons on the battlefield, we must also take stock of what the legacy of the Napoleonic period left to each of the nations and for the construction of Europe.