Via Habsburg

To a certain extent the history of the Habsburgs is also our history. In tracing the roots of this famous family we are inevitably reminded of our own roots. From 996 to 1815 the (powerful) personalities of this major dynasty had a decisive influence on history. They helped form the geography and the fate of Europe. Ententes and disputes, power struggles and territorial conquests, times of war and of peace… this 800 year-old history divided peoples but it also reunited them and forged bonds which have survived intact. This starting point inspired us to set up the exciting trans-national “800 years of historic European art and culture on the trail of the Habsburgs-Via Habsburg» project.


The aim of the project is to offer travellers a journey through Europe taking in the major historic, cultural and artistic heritage of this emblematic dynasty: 70 sites and cities in four different countries and five regions invite you therefore to embark on a journey of variety and extraordinary discovery. Get a taste of the unique adventure which awaits you from this document and from our website!

Via Habsburg - the result of the close cooperation of passionate teams from France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany - has nothing to do with nostalgia. Although this experience is based on the past, it lives in the present and connects with the future. Using the history of the Habsburgs, in which we clearly see what unites our different homelands, Via Habsburg aims to fulfil a vision of the future which is close to all our hearts: a spirit of solidarity and generosity which promotes active openness and union in a Europe in which unity and variety thrive side-by-side.

(Photo: Château de Ferrette - Guy Buschheit)