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Anuario El Pais 2000
the political, social, sport and economic events, both national and international, which have occurred throughout the year.
Ediciones El Pais 2000
A game of historical adventure
Jeanne Moreau
Eugène Atget Paris 1900
Each photograph is available in a big format and accompanied with a description, accessible by clicking on the image
Collection Bibliothèque nationale de France
Moments de Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Confessions and Dreams
Jean-Louis Boissier
Exposition Sauvage
It is an exhibition of images, ever-changing, on the theme of tools, without placing the exhibition.
Xavier Cahen
Brahms Hungarian Dances
2 CDs, one with music from Brahms Hungarian Dances, the other has astounding pictures of Hungary
Mozart 2006 – 250th Anniversary
CDs to celebrate the birthday of Mozart
Kaunas Jazz2008.doc
Intenational Jazz Festival
Beethoven: La novena sinfonía
A symphony of flavours and aromas
V Festival Internacional de Música Sefardi
A musical selection of the V Festival Internacional de Música Sefardi
la red de juderias de España ‘Caminos de Sefarad’
Madama Butterfly
Madama Butterfly is an opera in 3 acts by Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini
Le Luxembourg au fil des notes
The Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra
Ministère de la Culture
Tamburaški orkestar
Klapa Intrade
Andrej Jakuš
Treasure Quest
This multimedia product was produced within the framework of the two-year project encouraging the Use of the New Methodology in the teaching.
British Council Bulgaria
Natale Pelicci
In Passione et Morte Domini
Responsari del Venerdì e del Salato Santo
Ensemble Quadrivium
Un'Isola Nel Tempo
Sebastiano Tusa
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson
Woody Allen
La Gastronomía en el Camino de la Lengua Castella
Recipes, curious things and literary quotes
Laura Malo Garayoa
A Tribute to Sicilian music
Mario Venuti
Husband and Wives
romantic comedy
Woody Allen
Pod Čavnom visokim prebivam
Pod Čavnom visokim prebivam
Zdravko Perger
Regional cultural Heritages
The Maghreb Cosmophony
Patrice Angosto
Vocational guidance on skills relating to the historic buildings
European pilot project
Leonardo Da Vinci programme of the European Commission, Council of Europe
Frontiers of the Roman Empire
The Danube Limes A Roman River Frontier
Sonja Jilek
Hope’s Hymn
Muzica pentru suflet
Therapeutic Music
Gheorghe lovu
L'âge Du Temps
More than one hour and a half of show staging young children and old persons, from 8 to 94 years old, around the theme of the solidarity between the generations around a common cultural heritage.
Association Intemporelle
Terre del Vino giugno 2010 no. 6
Viaggiare – bere – mangiare – vivere meglid

A magazine about wine in Italy
Terre del Vino
Il gusto si fa Strada…
Strada del Vino di Toscana
Strada dell’Ollio di Toscana
Strada dei Sapori e dei Colori di Toscana
Regione Toscana
Tikvesh Wine Route Foundation
Book on the Tikvesh Wine Route Foundation
Tikvesh Wine Route Foundation
Fundación Camino de la Lengua Castellana
A video about the Route of the Castillian (Spanish) Language
Fundación Camino de la Lengua Castellana
Dune di Campomarino e Torrente Borraco
A plan for the protection, conservation and development of these dunes.
Regione Puglia, Città di Manduria
Strada del vino e dell’olio
Lucca – Montecarlo
Strada del vino e dell’olio
GUIDA alle Strade del Vino, dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana
To the wine tours, olive oil and food food of Tuscany
Deferazione Strade del Vino dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana
Maremma Wine Shire
The new stars of Tuscany
Wege zur Backsteingotik
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of brick gothic with this interactive CD ROM.
Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz
Strada del vino Montecucco e dei sapori d’Amiata
Maremma Toscana
Strada del vin Montecucco e dei sapori d’Amiata
Forum sul Turismo Enogastronomico
4th June 2010
Azienda Agricola Regionale di Alberese
MAPPA delle Strade del Vino, dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana
Map of the wine tours, olive oil and good food of Tuscany
Deferazione Strade del Vino dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana
Costa Degli Etruschi
Guide to the Wine and Olive Oil Route
Consrozio Strada del Vino e dell’Olio
Andorra, terre de fargues : l’itinerari cultural Homes de Ferro
Land of forges
Cristina Yáñez de Aldecoa
Via Regia - To ce jestesmy, jestesmy przez innych
The European Centre for Culture and Information in Thuringia presented the exhibition “VIA REGIA 2005 . What we are, we are through others, tooâ€? that has been built into a trailer in 52 cities during 115 days on the road.
Europejskie Centrum Kultury I informaciji w Turyngii
La Rotta dei Fenici
La Via Francigena
A CD ROM about the Via Francigena
Cementiri General de Reus
A DVD about the cemetery of Reus
Ester Alberich
La Battaglia delle Egadi
A CD ROM about the Battle of Aegusa
SYS Piccola Società Cooperativa a r.l.
Mimondi - Teatro Instabile di Aosta
Medea. Theater and contemporary dance show.
Teatro Instabile di Aosta
Latein auf Stein
Route of Latin inscriptions as part of a COMENIUS project
Université d’été 2002 de prospective territoriale
Territoires et gouvernance
Les Entretiens de la Corderie Royale
A Historical Tour
Videos and slides about a Greek city
Europe The East Coast
Documentary film
Habil, Mihneva, Ginev
Lux in Tenebris
Interactive CD Rom
Slovakian Natinonal Gallery Bratislava
Rota dos Escritores do Séc XX
A CD ROM and a DVD
Municipality Kardjali
A DVD about Karjali
The Key to the Mystery
A Love Story
Stefan Dragostinov
Traditional olive oil stone mill
S. Skarpalezos
S. Marinis O.E.

Stavropigio Avias Manis
Athos - Zograph Monastery
CD ROM on the Greek peninsula of Athos
Mihail Enev
ICOMOS Hellenic Section
CD ROM - International Council on Monuments & Sites
Hellenic Section of ICOMOS
The City of Rivne : the right location for business and living
Rivne is developing rapidly into a modern European city.
The Department of Foreign Economic Investiment Activities and Business
Eminé – Emona
Sights and memories
The Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari – World Heritage
The European Heritage Days
Reines de Sabà
Indumentària tradicional del Iemem
Centre de Documentació i Mueseu Tèxtil
Le Patrimoine des Migrations

Le Patrimoine des Migrations - Radio france et france culture

Radio France
A video
Via Francigena il grande itinerario culturale del Consiglio d'Europa
Via Francigena – major cultural route of the Council of Europe
Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene
Imágenes Actas Conclusiones
Turismo Cultural: gestión, calidad y competitividad
José Luis Cabello Lóopez
Les itinéraires culturels du Sud-Est Européen - Interview de Todor Krestev
Radio france/france culture interview with Todor Krestev
Radio France
The Portuguese discoverieis from XV to XVII century.
Emission APPEL d'Air
France Culture Emission
Marie Hélène Fraïssé
Monte Nerone
DVD on the mountain in Italy
Norme sulla Speleologia
Su Nuraxi di Barumini
Revision of some problematic techniques
Murru, Sergi, Lai
Les Routes de l'Olivier - Interview de Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni
Radio france and france cullture interview with Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni
Radio France
Cultural Tourism Route “Alexander Dumas in Caucasusâ€?
Tom Drahos
Cultural Tourism - Value Heritage Vilnius - Kaunas, 2005
CD of photographs
Reflets de la Seine impressionniste
Exhibition catalogue, Rueil-Malmaison, 5th December 2008 - 9th March 2009
Urban Heritage – Collective Privilege
Report on the 2nd Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum
Marianne Lehtimäki
Red de Juderías de España “Caminos de Sefaradâ€?
Memoria 09
Report 09
Caminos de Sefarad
Vauban et le Pays catalan
This book presents a man meeting a country. The man is Sébastien Le Prestre, a marquis from Vauban. The country is the Catalan country.
Jean Reynal
58. Deutsches Mozartfest
58th German Mozart Festival

13-24 May 2009
Deutsche Mozartstadt Augsburg
Urban Heritage – Collective Privilege
Report on the 2nd Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum
Marianne Lehtimäki
Terroir Moselle
Stronger together.

A European project of the viticulture of the Moselle Valley.
Winzerverband Grevenmacher
Luxembourg Vins & Crémants
An art in itself
Luxembourg, home to good living
Commission de Promotion des Vins & Crémants de Luxembourg
Miselerland - Autumn - Winter 2009/10
The Moselle Luxembourgeoise and its surroundings
Miselerland - Spring - Summer 2009
The Moselle Luxembourgeoise and its surroundings
La Moselle Luxembourgeoise
Towns and villages to discover admist vineyards
Entente Touristique de la Moselle Luxembourgeoise
Leader in Luxembourg - Rural development programme 2007 – 2013
LEADER is an initiative of the European Union and stands for “Liaison entre actions de développement de l’économie ruraleâ€?.
Italy Pocket Book
A collection of small books on some of the regions of Italy.
Cibi Meridiani Monumenti Paralleli
La Provincia dei Centoborghi – volume 1
I borghi di rosa e di bianco
The district of pink and white
Di Daniele Sacco
Fuga dal confino
Lussu, Nitti and Rosselli’s escape from Lipari (1929)
Salvatore Pirastu
La Verna Gubbio Assisi
Sulle orme di san Francesco
On the tracks of Saint Francis of Assisi
Ambrogi, Belardi, Gagliardoni
Via Appia Antica
Architecture and landscape
Ivana Della Portella
Acqui Terme
From classic archeology to bourgeois hobby
Vera Comoli Mandracci
Il tempio di Castel di Ieri
Topic: architecture
Adele Campanelli
XV La region Cantabrico – Pirenaica Cuna del Lenguaje Humano
The Prehistory of Human Thought
Ribero- Meneses
Dealing with History in Europe
Understanding differences, overcoming divisions
Gotthardt, Woidelko
A European Workshop for the Future
Join Our Network for Youth
Gotthardt, Woidelko
Il Romanico Astigiano visto dal cielo
Discovering the wonders of Romanesque art
Osservatorio del Paesaggio per il Monferrato e l’Astigiano
A Morte Lussu!
31 ottobre 1926.
L’assalto fascista allo studio di piazza Martiri nelle cronache del tempo e negli atti inediti del procedimento.
Salvatore Pirastu
La Luna
High Patronage of the President of the Republic
IX Week of the Italian Language in Monda
Roberta Alberotanza
Teaching History June 2009
The secondary education journal of the Historical Association
Christine Counsell, Mary Woolley, Arthur Chapman, Katharine Burn