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A collection of photographs and a written piece in English, German and Dutch, on Mons by Marie-Françoise Plissart and Caroline Lamarche.
Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe
Fire and faith

Discover Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe
Culture Communication/May 2011, nr 191
Culture Communication- the magazine of Ministry of Culture and Communication
Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
El Cementeri de Montjuic
Barcelona dreams: an audio-visual presentation showing the artistic and architectonic richness of a cemetery deeply linked to the city of Barcelona.
Air France Magazine, nr. 169- May 2011
Air France Magazine is one of Europe’s leading in-flight publications, providing passengers with information, escapism and entertainment in a privileged and unique reading environment that guarantees high awareness and receptiveness.
Air France
GIFTS OF THE MUSES. Echoes of Music and Dance in Ancient Greece
“GIFTS OF THE MUSES. Echoes of Music and Dance in Ancient Greeceâ€? is an exhibition mounted in the Athens Concert Hall.
Hellenic Ministry of Culture
A magazine concerning strategies in the tourism industry. Double issue 46-47, spring-summer 2011
Greece- prehistoric and classical monuments
This second edition brings new updated material concerning the protection and promotion of world cultural heritage.
Helenic Republic - Ministry of Culture
Delphi Archaeological Museum
Delphi Archaeological Museum- the whole story
Rozina Kolonia
Stratégos, a magazine concerning strategies in the tourism industry. Double issue 44-45, autumn-winter 2010/11
50 sept N° 15
With 50 sept, the Moselle General Council plays a role in a better understanding of the department and pays attention to the living forms of creation and expression which are spreading.
Directeur de la publication: Patrick Weiten
Io vado per la mia strada
The Wine and Olive Oil Route of Umbria
Regione Umbria
Frontiers of the Roman Empire
Content of the DVD:
Main film: “Frontiers of the Roman Empireâ€?
Short films about Roman frontiers and their function, history, protection, research and presentation.
Boundary Productions
Don Quijote, cosmopolita
New studies on the international reception of Cervantes’s novel.
Hans Christian Hagedorn
Don Quijote por tierras extranjeras
Studies on the international reception of Cervantes’s novel
Hans Christian Hagedorn
Célébrations nationales 2011
A book providing historical and cultural information on French national days of celebration in 2011.
Casos de turismo cultural
Cases of cultural tourism:
From strategic planning to product management
Josep Font Sentias
Haute-Loire at the crossroads of the European Cultural Routes
Haute-Loire at the crossroads of the European Cultural Routes is a report on making the European Cultural Routes coherent.
Conseil Général de la Haute-Loire
Mito y Legado del Quijote en el Espacio Cultural Manchego
A draft application for the Proclamation as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO of Don Quixote of La Mancha and the cultural space of La Mancha.
Instituto de Turismo Responsable
Marathon Races
The book’s theme is about the Marathon: The battle and Olympic Games.
Stavros A. Tsonias
The book is a brief guide on Marathon, the Marathon museum in Greece and related archaeological sites.
Eleni S. Banou, Maria Oikonomakou (texte par)
Black Powder, Powder Mills and the Greek War of Independence
The book’s theme is about gunpowder, ways of its manufacturing and its role in the Greek war of independence.
Stelios Papadopoulos
Water Power in Preindustrial Greece
The book deals with the exploitation of energy resources in preindustrial Greece.
Stefanos Nomikos
The poem of the Trouvere Prince
The Poem of the Trouvere Price is a volume, a poetical cycle and a poem. This effect of mise en abîme follows from a deliberately, programmatic act.
Andrei-Paul Corescu
Preindustrial tanning in Greece
The book’s theme is about preindustrial tanning, its phases and history.
Kornilia Zarkia
Les moines de Cluny
Texts originally written for a series of radio broadcasts upon the request of the RCF (Christian francophone radio networks) of Saone-et-Loire, on the Cluniac monks.
Robert de Backer
80 people to change the world
Studies and collaborations accomplished, Sylvain Darnil and Mathieu Le Roux start up a tour of the world searching for exceptional men and women.
Sylvain Darnil, Mathieu Le Roux
EDEN- Discover Europe's hidden treasures
EDEN, a DVD that gathers twenty-five European destinations of excellence.
La Commission Européenne
European Spa
It is issue number 22 (June/July 2011) of the magazine that deals with European spa development and related issues.
Sarah A Ward (rédacteur en chef)
Rivista Via Francigena/33
It is issue number 33 (June 2011) of the biannual magazine that deals with the “Via Francigenaâ€? cultural route.
Enzo Guidotti (rédacteur)
Orlando Europski Putovi : Europski Tjedan 2007
It is a brochure entitled “Roland’s European Paths: Europe week 2007â€? based on the Croatian initiative “Roland’s European Pathsâ€? which expanded to become a multimedia project which aims at underlining the common roots of unified Europe.
The book is dedicated to Bonifacio, a locality in Corsica. An array of writers discuss its past, patrimony, present and even future. The preface is written by its mayor.
Toussain Sorba et alii
Royal Delft- masterpieces
Pim van den Akker’s floral art breathes the same kind of original craftsmanship. His skilful hands model age-old, colourful and contemporary creations, whilst feeling out possibilities and crossing borders.
Pim van den Akker
Delft Blue in Motion
The Delft Blue brochure was published on the occasion on the Final Conference of the Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics (UNIC).
Cicero Publiciteit
Isola museo- Isola Maggiore del Lago Trasimeno : storia, economia e arte
It is a book which explores in depth the history, art and tradition of Isola Maggiore. It offers beautifully reconstructed maps and illustrations that shed light on the past.
Ermanno Gambini, Mirko Santanicchia
Territorio e Ceramica
More and more often, ceramics leaves the workshop and meets industry, urban art, research and design. This is probably where most of the signs pointing to the future can be found.
Ennio Nonni
Les Habsbourg: Du Rhin au Danube
A book on the Hapsburg family, the Austrian Empire, and above all the exhibition 'The Hapsburgs: from the Rhine to the Danube'.
From King's Dream to Mass Production
Catalogue of the Anniversary Exhibition: 300 years of European Porcelain
Bath: City on Show
The book is a compelling and powerful reminder of past times with a fresh and revealing look at life today of Bath city.
Dr Cathryn Spence
Les Chemins de la Mémoire
Edition no. 215 of the magazine from the ‘Ministère de la Défense et des anciens combattants’ (FR)
The book is a beautiful photographic exploration of the Greek Dodecanese islands.
Nikos Kasseris
Orlandovi Europski Putovi
The book aims to highlight the common roots of the united Europe through Roland paths. It is written in five languages simultaneously to further illustrate the European component.
KremenjaÅ¡-DaniÄ?ić et alii
It is a touristic guidebook of Zagreb. It has 566 photos, 43 drawings, 19 maps, city map and map of tram lines.
Bruno Sušanj et alii
Les Confréries du Languedoc et du Roussillon : Traditions et Art de Vivre
The book shows the diversity of Languedoc and Roussillon region and its richness through its fraternities.
Chantal Vitelli (diriger par)
Le pays des civilisations: la Turquie
It is a touristic guidebook about Turkey, enriched with numerous aerial and terrestrial photographs.
Ilhan Aksit
L’archéologie du judaïsme en France et en Europe
The book speaks of preventive archaeology since 1990 and its role in shedding more needed light on European Judaism since antiquity.
Paul Salmona, Laurence Sigal (Sous la direction de)
Le cheval et l’épée
The book speaks about the legend of the four sons of duke Aymon and their rebellion against Charles the Great.
Jean-Luc Duvivier de Fortemps
François d'Assise
A biography of Francis of Assisi, made from more recent and reliable studies of the figure, to better understand this fundamental character in Western Christianity.
André Vauhez
Il était une fois à la Méditerranée
Once Upon a Time in the Mediterranean

A brilliant, passionate and lucid overview of the Mediterranean.
Jacques Huntzinger
De terre & de feu
Of Fire and Earth: The adventure of European ceramics in Limoges: Exhibition 18th June - 26th September 2010
International Journal of Intangible Heritage
Vol. 6, 2011 of an annual publication on intangible heritage.
Célébrations Nationales
A book providing historical and cultural information on French national days of celebration in 2010.
L'odyssée du Montgenèvre
Issues and perspectives of a railway tunnel
On the Way of St. James
Practical guide to discovering the Via Podiensis from Puy-en-Velay to Livinhac le Haut
Médiation et patrimoine roman
A collection of 3 editions of reflection on Romanesque heritage, participated in by teachers, heritage coordinators, museum curators, cultural mediators and tourism professionals.
European Pack for visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Musem
A detailed teacher's guide for planning a school excursion to Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
Fabienne Regard et autres
The Pilgrim's Way to St. Patrick's Purgatory
A detailed guide to discovering the pilgrimage to St. Patrick's Purgatory, and introduction to the topic of medieval pilgrimage.
Eileen Gardiner
Saint Martin, apôtre des pauvres (336-397)
What represents saint Martin of Tours in the memory of French people ? A fairly large number have in mind the image of a saint who has shared his coat with a poor...
Partir sur les Chemins de Saint-Martin
A series of three guides following in the paths of Saint-Martin de Tours in France and in Europe.

Take the oportunity, the three guides are sold for the price of one only
Centre Culturel Européen Saint Martin de Tours et Conseil Général d'Indre-et-Loire
The wonderful world of spa towns
If you believe that you know everything about these towns with their characteristic thermal architecture, then think again and take the time to read this book and to be surprised !
Dubourg (Jean-François), Damase (Joël)
On the Pilgrim Way to Trondheim
A book to discover the St-Olav ways
Stein Thue (ed.)
Sur la route du pèlerinage de Trondheim
A book to discover the St-Olav ways
Stein Thue (ed.)
Histoire et civilisations de la Méditerranée
This book does not claim to tell the detailed history of about twenty five countries of the Mediterranean Sea but it urges the reader to rediscover this sea of the middle, matrix of our common roots.
Michel Renouard
German-German Border Trail

From the Baltic to the Czech Border by bicycle

Michael Cramer
La cuisine juive en Alsace : Recettes en provenance d’Alsace, d’Europe de l’Est et d’Afrique du Nord
Almost eighty recipes – covering all stages of a meal – accompany this history of Jewish cuisine in Alsace
L’Association Bnai Brith Hirschler
Les chemins du Mont- Saint- Michel
The collection ‘Chemins de pèlerinage’ approaches pilgrim routes in cultural, spiritual and practical ways.
Pierre Bouet, Henry Decaëns, Juliane Hervieu, Vincent Juhel, Gaële de La Brosse, Thérèse Le Jeune
Making Culture Accessible
Access, participation and cultural provision in the context of cultural rights in Europe
Annamari Laaksonen
Expiditie Columbus
A guide on the expeditions of Columbus
Kris Clerckx
Tuscany - a look at infinity
Guide to the landscape
Mariachiara Pozzana
Children of the Sun
Photos of portraits, landscapes and ceremonies
Aaron Huey
Le Università per la Via Francigena
Information on the Via Francigena
Salvatore Veca
Portraits & Postures rousseauistes I
A book on the works of Rousseau
Rémy Hildebrand
Ma vie avec Sancho Pança et autres aventures espagnoles
A book about the adventures of Don Quixote
Jean-Claude Bourlès
Paysages d’entre villes
An exhibition catalogue of Zadkine
Musée Zadkine
På pilegrimsvandring i Meldal og Orkdal
Information on saint Olav
Meldal Trykkeri AS
En pilgrimsbandrin fra Ǻre via Stiléedtad til Nidarosdomen
A guide on the St. Olav Route. Text in notwegian.
Erling Plinga Johansen
Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture
A book about all the new cultural and historical buildings and events that will be taking place in Europe.
The Programme
Cultural Heritage and Tourism: Potential, impact, partnership and governance
A book on cultural heritage and tourism to inspire policy makers and practitioners at all levels
Marianne Lehzimaki
Vivo è The Fish Markets of Sicily
A book about the culture, tradition and heritage of the fish market in Sicily with photos
Andrea Zanfi
Travels of a European in the 20th century
A book about a European traveller in the 20th century
Geert Mak
Antichi “mangiariâ€? lungo la Via Francigena
Food along the Via Francigena
Fabrizio Vanni
Matilde di Canossa
One queen, a hundred castles.
Donatella Jager Bedogni
Cammini d’Europa e via francigena
La via del volto sano in garfagnana
Matteo rossi
Yenice Forest
Monumental trees and a unique ecosystem with an eco-tourism centre, biking and trekking routes.
Karabuk Valiligi
St Paul Trail
Turkey’s Second Long Distance Walking Route.
Kate Clow
Alexander Dumas in Caucasus
Cultural Tourism Route.
Azerbaycan Respublickasinin
Romanian Folklife
New year, St John, Easter, Căluşarii, St. George, Şezătoarea, Florile, Caloianul, Rusaliile, Claca, and more
Ioan Opris
the poliphile dream
3 novels with images
Dominique Dorgambide
Poliphile ou l’Europe des Jardins
Partner Presentation
Dominique Dorgambide
Prince Eugene : General-Philosopher and Art Lover
A book about Prince Eugene
Husslein-Arco, Agnes
Photos of Uzutrakis, Traku Voke and Lentvaris
A DVD about Timişoara
Harry Morgan
Lausanne Jardins
This CD Rom is organised into three parts: text, images and a presentation of the Lausanne Jardins
Lorette Coen
Leçons de Jardins throughout Europe CD-ROM
information on the gardens
Les archives couleurs
The forgotten people of the Liberation
Daniel Costelle
Les Grandes Batailles
The Battle of Germany - The last hours of the 3rd Reich
Daniel Costelle
Užutrakis Manor
Trakai Historical National Park
Leonardo L’artista
Uomo del Rinascimento – Genio del futuro

A multimedia on Leonardo Da Vinci
Instituto Geografico De Agostini
Parks and Gardens
Landscapes of Lithuania
Institut Européen des Itinéraires Culturels
Moments de Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Confessions and Dreams
Jean-Louis Boissier