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Guide of the romanian cultural sector
A panorama of the culture in Romania with a goal of mutual cooperation.
Association ECUMEST
Le piante officinali: colture antiche per un'agricoltura multifonzionale
An herbarium of the officinal plants of Sicily.
Alessandra Carrubba; Antonio Sutera
Giudici e Giuristinella Sicilia Musulmana
Notice and biography extract of Tarbib al-Madarik
Maria Alma De Luca
L'Europe tragique et magnifique
Major European issues
DELORS Jacques
Castilian language and expansion in Mediterranean area
Un camino de identitad cultural y lingustica (Luis Alegre Galilea)

La patria a cuestas (Ana Sálomon)

El camino de la lengua castellana y su expansión en el Mediterráneo : las rutas de Sefarad (José Maria Ballester)
La Lorraine
A visit of the French Lorraine is not only a series of exciting discoveries, it is a true exploration in the sense given to this word by Chateaubriand.
L'OLIVIER by Patrick Langer
The new book of Patrick LANGER, a famous French historian, member of the scientific committee of the Cultural Foundation “The Olive Tree Routesâ€?, has just been published and is now available in French bookstores!
Patrick LANGER
Benvenuti a Valfabbrica
A presentation of Valfabbrica – an Italian comune (municipality) in the Province of Perugia
Rincorrendo una collina
A presentation of the landscape of Montefeltro in the frame of the research project The Landscape of the Montelfeltro between 1400 and 1500
Rosetta Borchia et Olivia Nesci
La Linea Ferroviaria Fabriano - Urbino - Santarcangelo Di Romagna
The book presents the story of the Apennines rail road that, from the end of the XIXth century to 1944, linked the communities of Marche northern provinces and the capital of the Unitary State.
Stefano Orazi
Spello – Le Infiorate del Corpus Domini
This book presents the artistic evolution of « Infiorata di Spello » from 1900 to 2006.
Giulio Proietti Bocchini
Pintoricchio a Spello - La Cappella Baglioni in Santa Maria Maggiore
This book meticulous analyses one of the greatest works of art of the Umbrian Renaissance – the Chapel Baglioni in Santa Maria Maggiore – and at the same time it reappraises the figure of Bernardino di Betto called il Pintoricchio.
Giordana Benazzi
Un Ducato tutto d’oro
This book is an invitation to travel to the “Terra del Ducaâ€? , the ancient Duchy of Urbino, in the footsteps of an unusual but fascinating item : the jewel.
Projet de développment touristique réalisé par les Régions des Marches et de l'Ombrie
I Signori dell’Anello
History, Spirituality, Art, Nature – in the footsteps of Romuald and other saints
Giambaldo Belardi, Giancarlo Sollevanti
Gubbio – Thann : le ragioni di un gemellaggio
DVD produced at the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration of the twinning between cities of Gubbio (Umbria) and Thann (Alsace).
Comune di Gubbio
In viaggio con il cardinale
Guala Bicchieri in England (1216-1218) : from the English court to the foundation of the Basilica of Sant’Andrea in Vercelli
Giana Baucero
Holy Week in Vercelli
The Holy Week through pictures by Teresa Degrandi and Giampiero Marchiori
Cinza Ordine, Patriziee et Paolo Pomati
Immagini di un prodigio
Photographs of the big church of Vercelli : Sant’Andrea
Roberto Casazza
Vercelli and its Province
A Guide to the Culture, Folklore, History and Nature of a Region
Città di Vercelli, Assessorato al Turismo
Revue d’histoire industrielle des Pyrénées occidentales : N°2 / 2007
This magazine is explicitly dedicated to the industrial story in the western Pyrenees.
Revue créée par le <i>CPIE Pays basque</i> et <i>Fer et Savoir-Faire</i> d’Arthez-d’Asson
Assisi…a city for every season
This DVD gives us a short, 15-minute-long presentation of Assisi, called, because of its architecture and charm, the “jewel of Umbriaâ€?.
Sistema Turistico Locale di Assisi
Fer et Ferraries en Béarn
This 20-page-long booklet tells the story of iron and ferraries (a factory where you directly transform iron-ore into metal) in Béarn, former province of France, located at the feet of the Pyrenees mountains.
Association FER ET SAVOIR-FAIRE, Mairie d'Arthez d'Asson, 64 8000, Nay
Living in Portugal
A work with lots of photographies which shows the Portuguese lifestyle.
Anne de Stoop, Photography by Jerôme Darblay with Caroline Champenois
Umbria - Small towns of the Perugia province
The updated version of this tourist guide presents 19 towns of the Perugia province.
Provincia di Perugia - Ufficio Promozione Turistica
La Verna, Gubbio, Assisi : Sulle orme di San Francesco
This guide describes Saint Francis journey from Assisi to Gubbio in XIII century as well as monuments and Franciscan cultural sites that a modern pilgrim can find on this itinerary.
Maria Vittoria Ambrogi, Giambaldo Belardi, Igino Gagliardoni
Sentiero Francescano della Pace – da Assisi a Valfabbrica a Gubbio
This map presents 6 sections of the Franciscan Route of Peace.
Area Edilizia Scolastica e Patrimoniale della Provincia di Perugia, Comunità Montana Alto Chiascio
Gubbio - nei luoghi di Don Matteo
This book is a collection of photos of the Italian city of Gubbio, taken during the shooting of the TV series “Don Matteoâ€?.
Sistema Turistico Locale dell'Alto Chiascio
I cammini del cielo - Itinerari della fede
The book describes the « Roads of heaven » - itineraries followed by Middle Age pilgrims who walked to the holy places that are both a terrestrial destination and one of the stages towards the heaven city.
M. V. Ambrogi, G. Belardi, I. Gagliardoni
Sustained care of the cultural heritage against pollution
This publication is a collection of articles on the impact of pollution on cultural heritage written by experts, researchers and people working in the domain of culture.
nombreux auteurs
Pictures of Silence - The Adventurous (Hi)story of Turin’s silent film
This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the exhibition “Pictures of Silence - The Adventurous (Hi)story of Turin’s silent filmâ€?shown at the National Cinema Museum of Turin in 2006.
Musée National du Cinéma. Sous la direction de Roberto Basano e Gianna Chiapello
La Saga du Vinland - Quand les Vikings découvraient l'Amérique
This book, half fiction, half documentary, tells the poorly known story of the fortuitous discovery of the American continent by Vikings in the year 1000.
Jean-Pierre Camo
Our Bug
This work analyzes necessary conditions for the development of the border areas of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus through enhancement and preservation of natural and cultural heritage.
Collaboration des Universités qui soutiennent le développement des régions de Lublin et Lviv
Our Bug
This work anlyzes necessary conditions for development of the border areas of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus through enhancement and preservation of natural and cultural heritage.
Collaboration des Universités qui soutiennent le développement des régions de Lublin et Lviv
Užutrakio dvaro ansamblis: kultūros paveldas ir gamta
The whole ancient manor of Užutrakis considered to be one of the most remarkable examples of the culture of manors in Lithuania, is known especially thanks to the french landscape architect E.F. André who has created the park of Užutrakis
Gintaras AbaraviÄ?ius
One of the nicest cities in Lithuania
Arūnas Baltėnas, Raimondas Paknys
Florence of the North
Arūnas Baltėnas, Raimondas Paknys
Lietuvos piliakalniai. Atlasas. I tomas. Akmenės-Kupiškio rajonai
The mounds - an inseparable party of the landscape of the Lithuania
Zenonas Baubonis, Gintautas Zabiela
Kretinga - my home town
Album of photographs
Sud. Kęstutis Demereckas
Czechowicz. Nineteenth century sights of Vilnius
Photographer Jozef Czechowicz (1819-1888) and his photographs
Laima Skeiviené, Agnès de Gouvain Saint-Cyr
Vilnius. A city of heritage and tradition
A splendid book on Vilnius
Audra Kairiené
The Trakai historical national park on the UNESCO world heritage lists: the need and opportunities
The collection of articles of the conference The Trakai historical national park on the UNESCO world heritage lists: the need and opportunities held in the Trakai insular castle on april 3-4, 2003
Réd. Giedrė EidukeviÄ?ienė
Vilnius. The city and its history
The city of Vilnius and its history
Saulius Žukas
Lietuva. Lithuania. Litauen
Everything on the Lithuania
Texte de Vilija Tūrienė
The Lithuania. One of the Baltic countries
An atypical book on one of two only Baltic countries - Lithuania.
Algirdas Julien Greimas, Saulius Žukas
Vilnius old town revitalisation strategy
The revitalisation of the historical center of Vilnius
Collaboration internationale
Antanas Sutkus. Photographs 1959-1999
I believe that every human being has a cathedral inside. A. Sutkus
Réd. Saulius Žukas
The roots of the iron industry in Luxembourg
The recent discovery of a 13th century iron furnace near Peppange (L) has revolutionised the chronology of Luxembourg's iron industry.
Overbeck Michael M.A. Archäologie
I finally made a list of my works which I offer to Lithuania. It is a part of my life that I am happy to donate to Lithuania because I myself belong to it. A. MonÄ?ys, 1991
Tekstai V. Liutkaus
III-rd Baltic sea region cultural heritage forum Vilnius, 2007
III-rd Baltic sea region cultural heritage forum Cultural Heritage and Tourism: potential, impact, partnership and governance
Kultūros paveldo departamentas
Religions et transformations of Europe
The place of religion in the construction of Europe
sous la dir. G. Vincent, J-P. Willaime
Western Lithuania 2020. Master Plan of Klaipėda County: preliminary decisions
The present preliminary decisions of the Master Plan of Klaipėda County have been drafted upon carrying out a generalisation of the materials of preparation of the Master Plan of Klaipéda county of 1995-1998...
Klaipėdos apskr. viršininko administracija
Înternational festival of amateur theatre Kurtuvénai 2001
International Outdoor Theatre Festival dedicated to commemorate Motiejus ValanÄ?ius 200-th birth anniversary.
Šiaulių raj. saviv. administr. Kultūros skyrius
My native town Plungé since 1850
This book is the product of Plungé Saulés gymnasium students work in the project Socrates Comenius 1 theme My native town since 1850
Plungés Saulés gimnazija
The European Park
Publication of 1997-1998 on the development of the park
Gintaras Karosas
Palanga: ancient and new
Rietavas Municipality
Short presentation of Rietavas, of its history, of its cultural social and economic life
Rietavo savivaldybės administracija
François d'Assise : un passage
''There is, of course, the women in flesh and bone, those to which Francois refers to in these texts and which he collectively addresses, or which biographers, interpretaters of successive memories, more or less fugitively evoke.
Jacques Dalarun
La strana lingua / The strange language
Jean Portante, a Luxembourgish novellist and poet, born from Italian parents usually publish his work in French
list art
Two homelands
Two homelands is a magazine published by the Institute for Slovenian Emigration Studies
Institute for Slovenian Emigration Studies
...ein jeder nach seiner Façon! A cd on migration history to Brlin-Kreuzberg
The cd-rom offers an extensive multimedi presentation of the migration history to berlin Kreuzberg, beginning with the French Hugenots up to todays Turkish community.
The presentation lasts for 55 minutes
A profound book dealing with economic aspects of cultural tourism.
Prof. Dr. Axel Dreyer
Investor's guidelines
Finding and acquiring a site
The process: to secure the project approvals
The process: to secure the construction permit
International influences
Lithuanian State laws and municipal documents
Vilnius old town revitalisation strategy implementation: co-operation, results, vision
This brochure is dedicated to commemorate the 5th anniversary of inscription of Vilnius old town on the Unesco world heritage list
The art's museum of Samogitia
The book about the first regional Lithuanian museum of art established in the premises of the existing ducks' Oginskiai estate in Plungė
ŽemaiÄ?ių kultÅ«ros draugija
Via Regia, Den Süden Polens mit Bus und Bahn entdecken
Discover South Poland through common carriers.
Guide of the Museum of the Holy Monastery of Kykko
Antiques and works of art accounts in this museum belong to international heritage
Stylianos K. Perdikis
Géopolitics of the Danube River
Michel FOUCHER, is lecturer at the Lumière University of Lyon, France. He is the director of the European Geopolitical Observatory.
Michel Foucher
Ich bin dann mal weg. Meine Reise auf dem Jakobsweg.
Hape Kerkeling, popular German entertainer, describes his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella along the Camino Francés he made in 2001.
Romaii Muza

Muse Gypsy

Lina Kostenko
Bibracte, Capitale gauloise sur le Mont Beuvray, Bourgogne
Bibracte is a reference site for the study of Celtic civilization.
Romane asva
The Roms Tears
Luminita Mihai Cioaba
Poezii de ieri si de azi
Poems of yesterday and today
Luminita Mihai Cioaba
Jugendstil in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
De Groef guides the reader though the evolution of the Art Nouveau in Luxemburg. The book illustrates the works of national artists and architects, which can be still seen in Luxemburg today.
Muriel De Groef, Christine Bastin, Jacques Evrard
Jakobsweg von Koblenz-Stolzenfels nach Trier. Der Pilgerwanderführer für den Mosel-Camino.
Tourist pilgrimage Guide along the Mosel-Camino in Rhineland-Palatinate.
Schäfer, Karl-Josef; Welter, Wolfgang
Žydų pėdsakai Mažeikių žemėje
Project of the museum of Mažeikiai and the pupils of the secondary school Gabija - The traces of the jewish community in the city of Mažeikiai
Algimantas Muturas, Stanislava Sovienė
Beautiful routes of Italy : Unknown journeys and hidden sceneries in Urbino and Montefeltro
Discovering the natural and cultural heritage of Urbino and the Montefeltro region
Studio Marketing Turistico Alessandro Sistri
Ornatissimo Codice - La Biblioteca di Federico di Montefeltro
This book wants to cover a lack that the visitor could even not notice since, fascinated by the architecture of the Palace of the Duke in Urbino, he doesn't understand the real cultural sense in the mind of Frederic : his precious library
Marcella Peruzzi
Pierantonio Mezzastris - Pittore a Foligno nella Seconda Metà del Quattrocento
The book goes along the stylistic life of Pierantonio Mezzastris, an almost unknown artist, who was able to acquire the propositions from the most important cultural centres of his time.
Benazzi Giordana, Lunghi Elvio
La Strada Europea della Pace Lubecca - Roma
Discover in this book the European Route of Peace Lübeck – Rome
Maria Vittoria Ambroggi, Giambaldo Belardi
Torneo della Balestra Le Rocche
The joust of arbalest Le Rocche
ACQUE, TERRE, MURA-Storie di Genti d'Europa
This book provides the reader with a detailed description of the territories of Valle Umbra-Spoletana and Valnerina, in Italy, so as of Valle del Douro and of Valle del Côa, in Portugal.
IAT di Foligno, Chiaverini, Dominici, Trecci, Cecconelli, Renzini
Famiglie di Assisi
This publication is the transcription of the volume by Francesco Antonio Frondini about the noble and civil families of Assisi.
The author is the most important scholar on the history of the town and of its inhabitants.
Frondini, F.A.
Gubbio nel Seicento - Francesco Borromini e la Chiesa della Madonna del Prato
This book increases the knowledge about the church Madonna del Prato, in Gubbio and about its relationship with the church San Carlino in Rome.
Ambrogi M. V., Belardi G., Belardi P., D'Amelio M.G.
Federico da Montefeltro
The life of Frederic of Montefeltro
régie: Marcello Traversini
Comune di Cantiano presenta: La Piazza del Gusto
This dvd is the presentation of the feast of taste, hold in Cantiano on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th 2006.
Architettura e arte medievale di Gubbio e dell'Alto Chiascio
The masterpiece of Gubbio and of the Upper Chiascio Valley between the antiquity and the Middle Age.
Textes: Paolo Salciarini; Photos: Adriano Brusaferri
Urbino. An Iconographical Tour from the 15th through the 19th century
Urbino (Marche, Italy) between past and present
Giuseppe Cucco
Foligno - Itinerari dentro e fuori le mura
This guide has been wanted by the Town Adminstration of Foligno. It testifies that this town, becoming aware of its heritage, wants it to be accessible to everybody: both to the citizens and to the tourists.
Bettoni Fabio, Marinelli Bruno
La festa dei ceri
The feast of candles is one of the most waited events in the town of Gubbio and it is one of the oldest folk feasts in Italy. Every year the feat takes place along the roads of the town on 15th May.
Le photographe:Photostudio Gubbio; L' auteur des textes:Luca Mercadini
Cantiano - Vita di una comunità
The author is keen on the memories of the town of Cantiano and a scholar about them.
He deals with the past of his people.
Bianchi Dante
La Traversée des Pays et des Âges
La Traversée des Pays et des Âges is a border-crossing topographical hiking guide which presents six legs in the region Troisvierges (Lux) et Houffalize (Bel). The route is marked . The guide is available free of charge.
Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes & Fondation Hëllef fir d' Natur
Byzantine icons of Cyprus 12th-19th century
Exposition catalogue Byzantine icons of Cyprus 12th-19th century organized by the municipality of Limassol, Cyprus
Sophocles Sophocleous
Moje Gliwice

A photographic tour around Gliwice - a city located in the western part of the Upper Silesian conurbation, with a rich, diversified history and a dynamic present day.
Małgorzata Zaleswska-Zemła, Antoni Witwicki
Luxemburg, o capitala în Europa
This issue appears in a project of Cultural Foundation 21 Century Sibiu-Luxembourg-Bucharest : the dialog of cultures and from the partnership between the Institute Pierre Werner and FCS21.
Jews of North Africa: postcards (1885-1930)
These cards are a family album for those who lost it, for those who have never had it.
Those to whom the earth, under feet, sometimes comes to evade. The soil is treacherous. Faces, them, do not lie.
Clémence Boulouque et Nicole S. Serfaty
History of the Portuguese Jews
This History of the Portuguese Jews, of a reading easy and rich in illustrations, gives a complete panorama of Portuguese Judaism.
Carsten L. Wilke
Raseinių krašto žydai
This book is the result of long and careful job of the members of the Museum of the history of the region of Raseiniai and of his collaborators on the community lived in the region of Raseiniai (XVIIth-XXth c.)
Jewish cultural heritage in Lithuania
It is a English translation of the book Žydų kultūros paveldas Lietuvoje already introduced on our site.
Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture
The birth of the hassidisme: Mystic, ritual and society (XVIIIth-XIXth century)
The hassidism is a movement of spiritual revival which developed in the jewish communities of oriental Europe towards the end of the XVIIIth century.
Jean Baumgarten