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Interpreting the Past: Volume IV
Volume IV. Who owns the past ? Heritage Rights and Responsibilities in a Multicultural World.
Constituer l’Europe 1. Dans un monde sans vergogne
The construction and constitution of Europe aim at creating a new process of psychological and collective individuation, at the heart of which already-existing processes of individuation, that is to say European nations, can co-individuate.
Bernard Stiegler
Roumanie : Le Guide Vert
The ‘Guide Vert’ to Romania from Michelin.
Réenchanter le monde : La valeur esprit contre le populisme industriel
Paul Valéry, foreseeing the catastrophe Nazism was leading to, noted in 1939 “a fall in mental worthâ€?. Could he have imagined the state of widespread intellectual decline in which we find ourselves today, several decades later?
Bernard Stiegler Ars Industrialis
Nous sommes tous des migrants
Reflections on migrations and migrants.
Giulio-Enrico Pisani Jalel El Gharbi Anita Ahunon-Munoz Laurent Mignon Afaf Zourgani
Châteaux de la Loire : Le guide du routard
Tourist guide to the chateaux of the Loire.
Philippe Gloaguen
Cracovie Weekend : Le Guide Vert
The 'Guide Vert' to Krakow from Michelin.
L’identité européenne et les défis du dialogue interculturel
Multiculturalism is one of the most difficult problems facing Europe today, due to the awakening of strong national and regional identities, and to the growing presence of immigrants.
Mario Hirsch Roberto Papini
Heim ins Reich
Documentary film about the German occupation of Luxembourg.
Claude Lahr
A Culture of Design: Vision on Architecture and Spatial Design
Architectural policy
Guide des curiosités funéraires à Paris
This guide, comprising some 300 examples of graves and memorials, looks at the most unusual funerary pieces of work in Paris, as much from the point of view of their history as from that of their formal and artistic qualities.
Anne-Marie Minvielle
Bourgogne : Le Guide Vert
The ‘Guide Vert’ to Bourgogne from Michelin.
Stories of water

Stories of water was published on the occasion of the project Belgian borders between Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It gathers texts of 20 authors.
Frontières belges
Leggere il paesaggio. Confronti internazionali
Landscape planning through Europe and United States
Lionella Scazzosi
Mémoire-Identité-Culture. La Sicile, porte-parole de l'interculturalité en Méditerranée

Thesis of Master 2 : Heritage - Identities and territories in the Mediterranean and the East - Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III (France)

- under the direction of Myriam Carminati

BAULER Christine (étudiante Luxembourgeoise)
Lubiaz Krypta Klasztor Cystersow
This publication was financed by the Ministry of Culture and Art.
L’itinéraire des abbayes cisterciennes en Silésie 19 IX 1990
Itinerary of Cistercian abbeys in Silesia.
M.T. Kaletynowie Ziemowit Pazda
Télérama hors série : Dieu dans tous ses états
Special issue: God in all his states. In search of religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindusim ...
14e Lettre de Noirlac
14th newsletter from Noirlac.
Association des Amis de Noirlac
900th Anniversary of St. Bernard’s birth (1090-1990).
Bertrand du Vignaud Christian Manhart
La dottrina della vita spirituale nelle opere di San Bernardo di Clairvaux
International convention, Rome, Augustinianum, 11th-15th September 1990.
Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum
Cistercian Abbeys: 900th Anniversary
900th Anniversary of St. Bernard’s birth (1090-1990).
Bertrand du Vignaud Christian Manhart
L’abbaye de Noirlac
Booklet about Noirlac abbey.
Jean-Yves Ribault
Via Vera

C cultural route for the municipality of Betzdorf
Carnet de route Omnivore 2009, les 200 tables 100% jeune cuisine
With 200 restaurants of Jeune Cuisine throughout France and Europe, the Carnet de route Omnivore has made a new culinary cartography.
Luc Dubanchet
Les cahiers du tourisme
Tourism and the world of unity in plurality.
Centre des hautes études touristiques
Harta schiturilor si mânastirilor din Romania
A map of various monasteries in Romania
Fundatia Anastasia
Alba Iulia
Lucrarile seminarului national « Zone istorice urbane, delimitare, gestiune, politici de revitalizare » Alba Iulia. 5-7 novembre 1992.
Consiliul Judetean Alba
Alba Iulia : 2000 years of history
A brief history of Alba Iulia: the fortress and the city.
The City Council of Alba Iulia
Passaggi e paesaggi. Itinerari nell’Appennino modenese.
Along the routes of the Appennino Modenese
Provincia di Modena, Assessorato al Turismo, in collaborazione con le Comunità Montane
Alvar Aalto. L’architettura i protagonisti
Through the work of Alvar Aalto
Gianluca Gelmini
Yearbook of the cooperations of the Greater Region

The yearbook of the cooperations of the Greater Region draw up the inventory of all the cross-border cooperations that existed in the region in 2006.
Institut de la Grande Région
Il Ricetto di Candelo.Terra e Paese
A DVD that presents the Ricetto di Candelo, one of the Borghi più Belli d’Italia.
Città di Candelo
Toscana. Parchi e aree protette
A guide to visit the rich heritage of protected areas and parks of Tuscany.
Guido Ceccolini & Anna Cenerini
Memória 2004
Report of activities 2004, Council of Majorca.
Consell de Mallorca
Itinerari Tematici nelle Terre del Sosio e del Bellice
A series of five charts sets of themes, with discovered monuments, castles, churches and nature in the lands of Sosio, in Sicily.
Consorzio Leader Terre del Sosio
Itineraris a peu per la Serra de Tramuntana : Cala de Deià
Guide to the “Cala de Deiàâ€? walking route in Tramuntana, Majorca.
Sentieri Partigiani in Italia
Roads to discover the beauty of nature, but especially the history of men and ideas.
Diego Marani
Programme REPS 2004-2006
A collection of three brochures about the REPS programme, 2004-2006.
Actes de les jornades sobre terrasses i prevenció de riscos naturals
Reports of the meetings about terraces and the prevention of natural risks. 14th, 15th and 16th September 2006.
Marjades i prevenció de riscs naturals
Terraces and the prevention of natural risks.
Itineraris a peu per la Serra de Tramuntana : Tossals Verds
A guide to the “Tossals Verdsâ€? walking route in Tramuntana, Majorca.
Barranc de Biniaraix : Guia d’interpretació del Medi
A guide to the Barranc de Biniaraix.
Josep Estelrich i Costa, Joan Arbona Mas, Antoni Reynès Trias …
Marjades i prevencio de riscs naturals a la Serra de Tramuntana
A booklet about terraces and the prevention of natural risks, such as flooding.
Antoni Reynés Trias Philippe Alvaro Frotte Guillem Alomar Canyelles Jaume Vadell Adrover
Memória 2005
Council of Majorca Report of activities 2005.
Consell de Mallorca
La pedra en sec a la Fatarella
Dry-stone structures in Fatarella.
Xavier Rebés d’Areny-Plandolit
La Ruta de pedra en sec – GR 221
To nature lovers everywhere, the Council of Mallorca presents the Route of the Dry-stone, a respected itinerary following the paths of Tramuntana of Mallorca.
Consell de Mallorca
La pedra en sec // Dry-stone work
Materials, tools and traditional techniques in the Mediterranean islands.
Isabel Ferrer Garcia Antoni Reynes Trias …
La pedra en sec // La pierre sèche
A film by Marta Andreu and Arnau Quiles produced by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili as part of the Culture 2000 programme.
Marta Andreu Arnau Quiles
REPS : Paysages de la pierre sèche
DVD about dry-stone wall landscapes.
The historic countryside of the saxon villages of southern Transylvania
Learn about ecology, village life customs and food of southern Transylvania
John Akeroyd
Patrimoni de Marjades a la Mediterrània occidental : Una proposta de catalogació
The heritage of west Mediterranean terraces : A proposal for an inventory.
La Sinagoga de Cordoba / The Synagogue of Cordoba
A book about the Synagogue of Cordoba.
Manuel Perez de la Lastra y Villasenor
Itinerario Cultural del Patrimonio Judío en España
Calendar 2006 (5766-5767).
Theme: Red de Juderías de España: Caminos de Sefarad
Red de Juderías de España
Ibn Khaldun: The Mediterranean in the 14th century: Rise and Fall of Empires
A book about the exhibition ‘Ibn Khaldun. The Mediterranean in the 14th century: Rise and Fall of Empires’ in the Real Alcazar of Seville May-September 2006.
Actas del II Congreso Internacional
Minutes for the II International Congress, Asociacion Caminos de Cervantes y Sefarad.
El espacio geografico del Quijote en Castilla-La Mancha
‘El espacio geografico del Quijote en Castilla-La Mancha’ (The geography of Don Quixote in Castilla-La Mancha) is a theme which few people have explored up until now.
Felix Pillet Capdepon Julio Plaza Tabasco
Sur la route des Croisades
Brochure commemorating the Crusades and the Order of Saint-Jean of Jerusalem.
Centre de documentation sur les Migrations humaines (CDMH)
Actas del III Congreso Internacional : Rutas de Don Quijote y caminos de libertad
Minutes of the III International Congress, The Routes of Don Quixote and the ways of freedom.
Memoria 2007 // Report 2007
Report of activities 2007
Red de Juderías de España
2006 : Jewish Heritage : Programmes
Brochure presenting the European Day of Jewish Culture 2006 and the development of the European Route of Jewish Heritage in 2006.
Le Palais épiscopal de Verdun
A guide to the Episcopal Palace at Verdun.
Modulo de promocion y desarrollo « Monasterio de Veruela »
Brochure about the plan to promote the monastery of Veruela.
Diputacion de Zaragoza
El Camino de la Lengua
A work presenting the Way of the Castilian Language
Monasterio de Veruela
Brochure about the monastery of Veruela.
Diputacion de Zaragoza
Memoria 2006 // Report 2006
Report of activities 2006
Red de Juderías de España
La Croix : L’Evènement
Special issue: “900 years of Saint Bernard: Cistercians of yesterday and todayâ€?
Bernard Porte
“Go ye and learnâ€?: Monasteries of Greece
Cultural Routes: The Routes of Orthodox Monasticism. The Ministry of Culture, the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the Council of Europe.
K Chryssochoidis
The Land of Cuchulain and St. Patrick
A tourist brochure for Ireland.
East Border Region Committee
Orthodoxe Akademie von Kreta (OAK)
This guide presents the Orthodox Academy on Crete.
Orthodoxe Akademie Kretas
Orthodox Academy of Crete
Excerpt of the minutes of the 73rd (25-10-1991) Session of the Board of the Academy
Orthodox Academy of Crete
Itinerary “Architecture without frontiersâ€?: Partnership and telematic activation
A study for the Rurality – Environment – Development International Association.
Patrice Collignon Christine Brenguier
MoLAS 95 : Museum of London Archaeology Service
MoLAS 95 covers work carried out by the Service in 1994.
Rencontre transfrontalière entre l’asbl le chemin des pèlerins et la fédération française de randonnée pédestre
Cross-border meeting. Nancy, 13th March 2006
“Face to faceâ€? Literature and Art in the Renewal of the Church’s Mission
A project of the Orthodox Academy of Crete.
Alexandros Papaderos
Monastère de Veruela
Brochure about the monastery of Veruela.
Diputacion de Zaragoza
Crete 2020
A brochure about the Crete 2020 programme, launched by the Orthodox Academy of Crete
Dr Alexandros Papaderos
Euromediterranes Jugendzentrum (EJZ)
Proposals for a mediterranean centre for youth.
Orthodoxe Akademie Kretas
European Workshops on the Management of Archaeological Sites
Concerning the Arles amphitheatre, the Pompeii archaeological site and the Messene archaeological site.
Jornal Arquitectos
May 1995. Monthly publication from the Assocation of Portuguese Architecture.
Sibiu o capitala culturala
This review is issued as part of the project of the 21st Century Cultural Foundation – Sibiu - Luxembourg – Bucharest: Culture dialogue
El Camí de Sant Jaume i Catalunya
International Congress “El Camí de Sant Jaume i Catalunya. Historia, art i cultura del camíâ€?
Maria Teresa Ferrer i Mallol Pere Verdés Pijuan
Archaeology Alive No.10: Hendhyskans yn fyw
A review of work by The Historic Environment Service, Cornwall County Council, 2001-2002
Historic Environment Service
Das Erzbistum Trier 1569/1571: Ein Orts- und Personalschematismus
A work related to Saint Martin de Treves
Eduard Lichter
Eco Pfad Diemal: Rad- und Wanderweg
A walking and cycling route in Germany
Ecomuseum Reinhardswald
Combating exclusion from the world of work: ESF project examples
This brochure illustrates how the European Social Fund is helping to provide, through Objective 3 and the Employment Community Initiative, new opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged people in our society.
The Bibliographic Foundation
A proposal to found a school dedicated to the arts and crafts of fine books and their associate disciplines.
The Bibliographic Foundation
Archaeology Alive No.11: Hendhyskans yn fyw
A review of work by The Historic Environment Service, Cornwall County Council, 2002-2003
Historic Environment Service
Toscana. Parchi e aree protette
CAUE de l’Oise : Rapport d’activités 2006
Report of activities in 2006 for the Council of Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment in the Oise
L’Abbé maudit : Heurs et malheurs d’une abbaye
Booklet about a new show in the Abbaye de Marbach
Abbaye de Marbach
40 località legate a Santiago di Compostella
A guide to places related to Santiago de Compostelle in Sicilia
Giuseppi Arlotta
Hispania Gothorum : San Ildefonso y El reino Visigodo de Toledo
This work recounts the history of Toledo and San Ildefonso during the decline of the ancient world and under the Visigoths. In addition, the book presents a collection of items related to this theme and time period.
Issue no. 13 of Datatèxtil, a magazine about textiles
Itinerari culturali del Consiglio d’Europa in Italia
The cultural routes of the Council of Europe in Italy
Conseil de l'Europe
A monostori eröd : Fort Sandberg
This book primarily describes Fort Monostori, the largest part of the World Heritage nominee fortress system of Komárom.
Margit Redli István Varga
Escoitando o vento Haitea Enituien
CD of Galician music
Escola de Gailas da casa de Galicia en Giputkoa
Guide to National and Historical Monuments of Ireland
A guide to the national and historic monuments of Ireland
Peter Harbison
Guia del Turismo del Vino
This guide responds to the growing interest in wine culture in the Origen Calificada Region, possibly the area with the most initiatives related to wine tourism.
Margerita Contreras Villasenor Luis Vicente Elias Pastor
Moritz der Gelehrte: Ein Renaissancefürst in Europa
Work on Moritz der Gelehrte, a European figure