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The European Route of Impressionisms

EAU ET LUMIÈRE was founded in 2009 as a non for profit organisation under the French law « Association loi de 1901 ». The main objectives of Eau et Lumière is to promote the outstanding cultural heritage and touristic values of those landscapes and places painted by the landscape painters in the XIXth and XXth centuries.

To achieve this goal, “Eau et Lumière” works:

• To value those landscapes and all related activities: art schools, art festivals, folk events or any community gatherings referring to local rural tradition,

• To federate all places in Europe, painted by those « plein air » painters and the corresponding municipalities,

• To promote, in coordination with local municipalities, an innovating and ethical tourism,

• To generate initiatives, public or private, French ot European, to foster the knowledge of this unique cultural and social heritage.

Eau et Lumière has two major projects:

1 - The inscription of the sites that have been immortalized by the plein air artists on the UNESCO world heritage list

2 - In parallel, the certification of “The European Route of Impressionisms” as a European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.

Members of the network: France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain

Coordination: Association Eau et Lumiére