Chocolate is a European invention. Cocoa, from South America, was joined with sugar for the first time in Zaragoza in 1534. A greedy secret kept by the monastic orders, it initially spread through the European courts, becoming popular among the masses in the XX century. The route connected the locations of traditional craftsmanship with the goal of promoting tourism linked to chocolate, creating a system with the historic producing countries, for a greater social sustainability and cohesion of those involved; re-launching craft and SMEs, promoting innovation in tradition and experimenting with formulas for integration with other sectors.

The Cultural Association "The Chocolate Way" undertakes actions to promote and enhance the project through the organization of events open to the public for the diffusion of the culture of responsible chocolate consumption, enhancing the appearance and traditional craftsmanship of local products.

Members of the network: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Coordination: The Chocolate Way Association