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Proceedings of the Existing Musical Forms and Traditional Cultures of the Peoples of the Border Regions of Turkey and Bulgaria

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The existing musical forms and traditional cultures of the peoples living in the border regions between Turkey and Bulgaria Project is a project conducted by the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, in conjunction with the Special Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Special Committee on Cultural Corridors, and in cooperation with the Bulgarian National Commission for UNESCO and the Institute of Folklore at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The goal of the project is to observe and compare the current situations of the cultural heritage – in this project, specifically the traditional music culture – of the border regions where Turkey and Bulgaria meet and have a more extensive cultural exchange; what is hoped for in this is a mutual exchange of experiences on this issue, an exchange to be carried out in terms compliant with the Convention of the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. In doing this, the project also aims to contribute to mutual understanding and tolerance between the two societies in accordance with the philosophy of UNESCO.