• Symposium: Digital technologies at cemeteries

    New technologies such as Artificial Inteligence, 3D printing and Virtual Reality will have an impact of how cemeteries will be managed in the future. A broad understanding and awareness of these technologies is required in order to manage cemeteries while preserving their heritage, tradition and developing tourism.

    The European Cemeteries route organized a symposium in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on April 6 – 7 with a view to addressing this issue. This event gather more than 40 participants from 13 countries who were welcomed by the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe and its president Mrs Lidija Pliberšek.

    Different issues were addressed throughout the Symposium such as the upcoming changes on how cemeteries are managed or how the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe work. Špela Spanžel, representative of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture to the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (EPA) gave a presentation about the Cultural Routes programme with an emphasis on the Routes going through Slovenia. 

    The ARTOUR platform was also presented and tested with some visitors during the event. This tool allows users to use and create mobile guides as a trip planner or tourist guide, which can be relevant to visiting cemeteries as previously explained.

    For more information and the conclusions of this event, please visit https://cemeteriesroute.eu/events/workshop-2017-ljubljana-digital-technologies/conclusions.aspx.