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  • Mozart's stay in Muenchen

    Around 14.1. - mid of February 1762 ● 12. - 22.6.1763 ● 8. - around 27.11.1766 ● 7.12.1774 - 6.3.1775 ● 24.9 - 11.10.1777 ● 25.12.1778 - around 13.1.1779 ● 6.11.1780 - 12.3.1781 ● 29.10. - around 6.11.1790

    The life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is closely connected to Munich, a centre of the German music patronage. Two of his most famous works Mozart composed in the residence city of Munich: On the 13th January 1775, the premiere from "La finta giardinera" took place. On the 29th January 1781, the opera "Idomeneo" was launched at Cuvilliés Theater.

    Already during his first trip at the age of six years, Wolfgang played together with his sister Nannerl for Elector Maximilian Joseph III. The second visit followed a year later, in June 1763.

    From Munich, the Mozart family started to their three year European journey to Paris and London. On the way back from this triumphal journey, they stopped in Munich again and Mozart gave concerts at the Emperors court.

    Main focus of the next trip to Munich (1774 – 1775) was the premiere of the opera "La finta giardiniera" at the Salvatortheater. In 1777 when Wolfgang and his mother were on the way to Paris, Munich was destination again and they stayed 14 days in the Isar city. Unfortunately, at that time, Wolfgang aspired in vain to an permanent employment.

    Idomeneo, an opera which Mozart had composed by order of Elector Karl Theodor, was performed in Munich for the first time at the glamorous rococo theatre in the Munich palace, the Cuvilliés Theater. With pleasure he would have remained in Munich, however, there was, unfortunately, none „vacatur “ for him again.

    In 1790 Mozart came for the last time to Munich on his trip to the coronation of Leopold II in Frankfurt. He played in a concert before the enthusiastic King of Naples.

    The works and the respect for Mozart were held in Munich always in honour since that time. Based on order of the Eperor, the opera "Don Giovanni" had been performed in 1791. In 1793 the "Zauberflöte" première took place in Munich. In January followed the opera "Figaros Hochzeit ".

    Munich increasingly became a "Mozart city" at the end of the 19th century when under Hermann Levi and Felix Mottl the Mozart Renaissance started and Richard Strauss and Ernst von Possart integrated his works firmly in the program of the opera and in the Munich opera festival. Until today, his compositions are performed at the "Bayrische Staatsoper", the "Gärtnerplatztheater and the "Cuvilliés Theater as well as by well-known Munich orchestras.

    In 2008 the extensive renovated Cuvilliés theatre was reopened with a festive performance of „Idomeneo “ in the frame of the 850th jubilee of Munich.