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  • Memories of Maria Anna Mozart

    Memories of Maria Anna Mozart
    Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg acquired letter by "Nannerl"

    This original document from the year 1799 with memories of Maria Anna Mozart to her brother is one of the most personal and most revealing testimonies for his adolescence and has been privately owned since the 19th century. The acquisition of the four-page letter signifies an extraordinary enrichment for the worldwide unique collection of letters and documents of the Mozart family owned by the Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg. The letter was written by Maria Anna, married Freifrau from Berchtold to Sonnenburg, in St. Gilgen on 24th November 1799 and was adressed to the music publisher Breitkopf and Härtel in Leipzig.

    In a press conference, the letter was presented at the Autograph Center in the Mozart-Wohnhaus on Thursday 20 April 2017. In addition, an oil painting was presented, which has long been considered a portrait of Nannerl and has now been acquired by the Mozarteum Foundation. In the context of the authentic portraits of Maria Anna Mozart of the foundation, the graceful but enigmatic portrait of women from the eighteenth century raises many questions that will keep research going even longer. A corresponding inscription - not from the time of origin - can be found on the reverse: Nannerl Mozart / sister of W. A. Mozart a painting / of / Mignard.