• Lebanon : Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe at the opening ceremony of the LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

    On the occasion of the inauguration of the « LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation » on 15 May in Byblos, the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe were presented by Juan Manuel Cid, Project Manager for the Routes of El Legado AndalusiHe presented the Umayyads Trail Project, a European Neighborhood Program Initiative that results from the cooperation between Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. Led by the public foundation "The Legacy of al-Andalus", the Umayyads Trail aims at promoting sustainable tourism through an itinerary based on the history of the Umayyad Dynasty. Together with the Phoenicians’ Route of the Council of Europe, the Umayyads Trail is part of a major project funded by the European Union, within the framework of the WATCH the world association for cultural heritage.

    Furthermore, the  public television in Lebanon broadcasted an episode about the LAU- Cardahi Foundation and Museum presenting its  dedication to cultural heritage in  collaboration with  the  Phoenicians' Route, the Umayyad route  and the war free heritage listed cities: http://www.teleliban.com.lb/replay.php?id=5113&show=27

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