• Interview with Gerhard Spitz from European Mozart Ways: Your Cultural Route in 3 words

    Why and how did your Cultural Route begin?

    The European Mozart Ways (EMW) have been founded in February 2002 in the run-up of the Mozart jubilee in 2006 as an initiative by the province of Salzburg/Austria. In three workshops organized by Salzburg 2006, headquarter for the celebration of the Mozart Year 2006 in Salzburg, the mayors of the most important Mozart Cities in 10 European Countries were invited to Salzburg and developed a concept for a Cultural Route along the authentic travelling Routes of W.A. Mozart. From the very start the EMW was focused as an European project. Therefore the EMW strove to become a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe immediately after its founding. This had been achieved in 2004 with the award of the title "Major Cultural Route".

    How is your Cultural Route contributing to European history, heritage and values? 

    The European Mozart Ways are an international network connecting cities, regions and institutions in 10 European countries visited by Mozart during his travels through Europe. Via the websites www.mozartways.com, www.communicating-music.eu as well as the presence on Facebook the European Mozart Ways are accessible to a broad audience, who will thus be able to extend its acquaintance of the first major European musical traveller in a dynamic and innovative way. The Association has the purpose to promote the discovery of touristic itineraries as well as fostering cooperations in the artistic, cultural, educational and academic areas, with particular regard to the life and œuvre of W.A. Mozart.

    In which new countries do you see your Cultural Route in the near future?

    The EMW are in a process to enlarge their working areas to countries in addition to the ten European Countries along the authentic travel Routes of W.A. Mozart (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Switzerland), but countries which have a close connection to Mozart and his family as Ukraine or Denmark.

    Which are the other Cultural Routes with whom you have a regular relationship?

    All Cultural Routes are linked on the Webportal of the EMW. We are working together with the following Cultural Routes: The Saint Martin of Tours Route, The Via Regia, Transromanica, European Route of Historic Thermal Towns as well as the Huguenot and Waldensian trail.

    Foto Mozart Birthplace: copyright Salzburg Tourismus GmbH