Highest significant general public event of 2016

The most significant event of 2016 took place in Italy: “Sea Landscapes itineraries exhibitions”, in the context of the project “Sea and Sea Mines” promoted by the Tourism Board of Sicily Region and in collaboration with Taobuk Taormina Festival, and the Exhibition “Hannibal. A Journey” in Barletta Castle.

The first was a traveling show with 5 appointments in Sicilian cities, during which writers, actors, musicians and intellectuals have presented and discussed the five routes of the landscape that the Phoenicians' Route promoted on behalf of the Sicily Region. The first meeting was in Palermo, in June, with the Literature Nobel Award Tahar Ben Jaollun (from Morocco). The last in Catania, in November, with the Chile writer Louis Sepulveda.

The Exhibition “Hannibal. A Journey”, is a fruitful cooperation between many Mediterranean museums (also Tunis Museum of Bardo), inspired by Hannibal Patway, one of the Phoenicians’ Route developed itineraries.  The exhibition is conceived as a journey of images through the places traveled by the Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca, one of the greatest icons of antiquity, and filtered through his personality and his culture.