• 6th Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Advisory Forum (Vilnius, Lithuania) - Follow-up

    6th Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Advisory Forum “Expanding the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: challenges and opportunities”

    The 2016 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Advisory Forum (26-27 October, Vilnius, Lithuania) was co-organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture, the Council of Europe Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (EPA) and the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR). The Forum was attended by more than 200 participants from over 30 countries, representatives of the Council of Europe’s certified routes and candidate projects, representatives from EPA member states and Observers, international organisations (European Union, UNWTO, ICOMOS), NGOs, local and regional authorities, universities and professionals in the cultural tourism sector.

    The event was opened by the Lithuanian Minister of Culture, Šarūnas BIRUTIS, the Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Economy, Rasa Noreikienė, the Council of Europe Director of Democratic Governance, Claudia LUCIANI, the President of the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR), Colette FLESCH, and Ambassador Carlo KRIEGER (Luxembourg).

    The Forum’s conclusions from the exchanges held during the two thematic workshop will be incorporated in the Vilnius ROADMAP  (document available here), which sets out guidelines for future activities of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme. Their follow-up will be examined at the next Advisory Forum, to take place in Lucca (Italy) in October 2017, on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes programme.

    Plenary sessions

    Official opening

    Šarūnas BIRUTIS, Minister of Culture, Republic of Lithuania

    Rasa NOREIKIENE, Vice-Minister of Economy, Republic of Lithuania

    Claudia LUCIANI, Director of Democratic Governance, Council of Europe

    Colette FLESCH, President, European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR)

    Carlo KRIEGER, Ambassador, Director of Legal and Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    Award Ceremony

    Alfredas JOMANTAS, Chair of the Governing Board , EPA on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, Republic of Lithuania

    Stefano DOMINIONI, Executive Secretary, EPA on Cultural Routes, Council of Europe

    Welcoming to the new EPA Member States and Observers
    Ceremony for the 2016 Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, “The Fortified Towns of the Greater Region”
    Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Council of Europe and UNWTO
    Presentation of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe recertified during the Evaluation cycle 2015-16

    Cultural Routes and international organisations 

    Silvia COSTA, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education, European Parliament (watch the videomessage online)

    Marco ONIDA, Coordinator EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), Competence Centre Macro-regions and European Territorial Cooperation, DG REGIO, European Commission

    Alla PERESSOLOVA, Head, Silk Road Programme, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

    José Luis MAESTRO, Member of the Executive Committee, Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism (NECSTouR)

    Muriel GRIMMEISEN, Co-Secretary to the Current Affairs Committee, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Council of Europe

    Keynote speech "Every centre is a crossing, every crossing a centre"

    Rein RAUD, Professor, Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinski

    Workshop 1 Expanding geographic coverage and partnerships explored the work carried out by Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and new cultural route projects, to extend to new countries, cities and regions, further expanding the membership of their networks and association as well as reinforcing relationships with stakeholders and partners. It provided the opportunity for representatives of EPA Member States to present their experience at national level with a view to encouraging the expansion of existing cultural routes in their countries. A particular focus was devoted to providing examples from the Baltic Region, Eastern Europe, South-East Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean region. Challenges and opportunities linked to these trends were explored.

    Workshop 1 Session 1

    Moderator: Mike ROBINSON, Director, Iron bridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage - University of Birmingham

    Hanna JEDRAS, Chief Expert, Department of International Relations, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poland

    Gérard BEAUME, Coordinator, European Federation of the Saint James Way – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Laima ANDRIKIENĖ, Member of the European People's Party, European Parliament, Lithuania

    Faina KUKLIANSKY, President, Lithuanian Jewish community

    Olga YARILOVA, Director of the Department of Tourism and Regional Policy, Ministry of Culture, Russian Federation

    Jacques MATTEI, Director, European Federation of Napoleonic Cities  – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Irina SIMONOVA, Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture

    Riitta KAIVOSOJA, Director-General Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland        

    Aira ANDRIKSONE, Association of Castles and Manors of Latvia

    Workshop 1 - Session 2

    Moderator: Wided MAJDOUB, Professor, Faculty of Economical and Political Sciences, University of Sousse, Tunisia

    George KALAMANTIS, Head of the Directorate of International Relations and European Union, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Hellenic Republic

    Françoise TONDRE, Vice-chair Scientific Committee, Olive Tree Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Giuliana DE FRANCESCO, Head of Unit, European multilateral relations, Ministry for cultural heritage, cultural activities and tourism, Italy

    Sonia IFKO, Scientific Committee, ATRIUM – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Philippe Denis FEE, Project Manager within the DEDAC / SCPCI, General Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture and Media, France

    Antonio BARONE, Coordinator, Phoenicians Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Serge AKL, Director, Lebanese Tourism Office in Paris

    Elsi RIZVANOLLI, Coordinator, Abraham path

    Pilar BARRACA, Head of the Analysis Unit of the European Cultural Routes, Ministry of Culture, Spain

    Patrizia VEZZOSI, Coordinator, Da Vinci Route

    Benoît CORNU, President, Le Corbusier

    Workshop 1 - Session 3

    Moderator: Alessia MARIOTTI, Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism, University of Bologna

    Emanuela PANKE, Coordinator, Iter Vitis – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Jana KNAZKOVA, State Counsellor, Division of International Cooperation, Ministry of Culture, Slovak Republic

    Levan KHARATISHVILI, Deputy-Minister of Culture and Monument Protection, Georgia

    Karin ZIMMER, Head of Section for International Cultural Policy, Directorate of Arts and Culture, Austrian Federal Chancellery

    Anca PAVEL-NEDEA, President, National Authority for Tourism, Romania

    Elizabeta KANCESKA-MILEVSKA, Minister of Culture, Former Yugoslav  Republic of Macedonia (tbc)

    Carlo ABBA', Head of Tourism of the Municipality of Monza, Longobards ways Accross Europe

    Martina IVANUS, Senior Expert Advisor – Conservator, Ministry of Culture, Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Croatia

    Workshop 2 “Developing new themes and topics” explored new themes and topics subject to future development. Furthermore, Workshop 2 explored the use by the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe of new practices in communication (especially social media and new technologies), reaching new audiences and developing innovative branding and marketing tools. New practices in promoting cultural routes’ sustainability and accessibility were explored. The role of tourism operators and European networks interested in cultural tourism were presented through concrete examples.

    Workshop 2 - Session 1 (Sustainable and cultural tourism)

    Moderator: Birgitta RINGBECK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany

    Massimo TEDESCHI, President, European Association of the Via Francigena – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Inger HARLEVI, Coordinator, The Hansa – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Michel LEGROS, President, In the footsteps of R.L Stevenson – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Cinzia DE MARZO, Coordinator, ETIS – European Tourism Indicators System

    Ed LANCASTER, Policy Officer – Cycling Tourism and Regional Policy, European Cyclists’ Federation

    José Luis MAESTRO, Member of the Executive Committee, NECSTouR

    Raitis SIJATS, President, European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN)

    Nick GREENFIELD, Head of Tour Operator Relations, European Tourism Association

    Workshop 2 - Session 2 (Medias and new technologies)

    Moderator: Lorenzo CANTONI, Director, Institute for Communication Technologies - Università della Svizzera italiana (USI Lugano)

    Armand GENOUX, President, European Federation of Cluniac Sites – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Ramon MONTES, Coordinator, Prehistoric Rock Art Trails (CARP)  – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Kathleen LAPIE, Senior Project Officer, Joint Programme Council of Europe - European Commission

    Christin PRANGE, Coordinator, TRANSROMANICA – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Jurgita VERBICKIENE, Associate Professor, Department of History, Vilnius University and Director, Centre for Studies of the Culture & History of East European Jews, Vilnius

    Workshop 2 - Session 3 (Audiences)

    Moderator: Eleonora BERTI, Project Coordinator, European Institute of Cultural Routes

    Paul SIMONS, President of the Scientific Committee, European Historical Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) - Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Caroline FISCHER, Coordinator, Via Regia - Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

    Maurizio DAVOLIO, President, European Alliance of Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (EARTH)

    Manel SANCHEZ GARCIA, Director, European Youth Card Association, Council of Europe

    Sofia GKIOUSOU, Public Pokicy, AirBnB

    Clément SIMONNEAU, Manager, H2H cooperative platform

    Pietro SCIDURLO, President, Free Wheels onlus

    Uwe KOCH, German Cultural Heritage Committee​,

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    European Institute of Cultural Routes