• Exhibition "Shared" - Dimitrovgrad (Bulgaria)

    The exhibition shows the most shared memories and pictures from the people of Dimtirovgrad in Facebook. It shows the nostalgia on some past times but also an approval of the present changes. For the needs of the Cultural Route "ATRIUM" were made 22 panels with the most emblematic pictures of the past of Dimitrovgrad, filled with nostalgia.

    The exhibition is situated in the new roundabout around the oldest building in Dimitrovgrad – Water tower, presenting also the symbiosis between the past and the present. It was made on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of Dimitrovgrad on 2nd of September 2015. Since then the exhibition is quite popular through the passengers and citizens.

    The short summary of the exhibition, written by Zhivka Shishkova is the following:

    "The story for the city reads the space through those very special city places, which have been constructed by the people, who live in this town, as places of memory of that collective city memory in/through which memories live. The remembrance is incorporates into the present through those memories – individual and/or collective, as they are existing sometimes through their missing in the collective experience of the shared nostalgia by the passed time and place and in the creation of new memory places but not necessarily monuments.

    The town is inherited and like this every time and every generation leave their traces in its space accordingly their own idea of the future and an actual city identity. Because the citizens of one town and its memory places are cooperating, imbuing each other with memories.

    Today, Dimitrovgrad is simultaneously the same and different. The same city that lives in our memories but meanwhile that has been changed and remodel. The change takes away but also gives – the split with the past gives a chance to the future.

    By walking virtually through the places of our collective memory in the most habitable space today – that of the social network Facebook – the "virtual street"- we find the favorite places of the people of Dimtirovgrad which are bringing a shared nostalgia. The common between all of them is our Like – Comment – Share."

    Zhenya Hristova

    Municipality of Dimitrovgrad