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    As a member of the Stakeholders Committee of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH), the European Institute of Cultural Routes can grant the “EYCH 2018” label to selected activities implemented by the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe or by the Institute itself.

    The activities should be consistent with EYCH objectives (https://europa.eu/cultural-heritage/about_en) and shed the light on how European cultural heritage builds stronger societies, creates jobs and prosperity and how we can protect it.

    If interested in obtaining the EYCH2018 logo for your activity, fill in the form (attachment below) and send it to: contact@culture-routes.lu.


    Some activities of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe have already received EYCH 2018 label, find here below the calendar and save the dates!


    Cultural Route of the Council of Europe 







    more information


    Phoenicians' Route



    from mid March to mid May



    different cities in Italy: Sicily, Tuscany, Campania

    and Spain: Balearic Islands, Andalucia


    Ancient Mediterranean Days 2018


    Activities of various kind: conferences, exhibitions, meetings, guided tours, intercultural travels, workshops and more on the value of the Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations for today's Intercultural Dialogue.

    European Route of Megalithic Culture 23rd to 29th April Bad Iburg, Garden Festival “Landesgartenschau 2018” Osnabrücker Land (Germany) Megalithkultur erleben-Hünengräber virtuell Exhibition about the history of the megalithic monuments in Europe. A new developed 3-d-film about the construction of a megalithic monument will be shown at the event.
    The Via Francigena 27 May from Acquapendente to Montefiascone (Italy) European Francigena Marathon The European Francigena Marathon is a walking event meant at promoting an area, with a remarkable historical, cultural and environmental heritage along the Via Francigena. The activity, approved andinsured by FIASP, consists in a non-competitive walk, for recreational leisure. Along the 42,195km cultural and parallel events (exhibition, conferences, local food, concerts...) are scheduled.
    European Cemeteries Route last week of May - 1st week of June 63 cities in 21 countries Week of Discovering European Cemeteries

    The European cemeteries Route invites visitors to concerts, exhibitions, guided tours and other cultural events that promote cemeteries cultural heritage, their knowledge and understanding. All members of the Route are encouraged to organize events that present other cemeteries around Europe besides their own. Photos exhibitions, music and other artistic performances ar part of the event, to present other cultures and promote the exchange and dialogue.

    Réseau Art Nouveau Network 10 June Alesund (Norway), Aveiro (Portugal), Bad Neuheim, Darmstadt (Germany), Barcelona, Melilla, Terrassa (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Brussels (Belgium), Glasgow (United Kingdom), La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Nancy (France), Oradea (Romania), Riga (Latvia), Subotica, Belgrade (Serbia), Szeged (Croatia), Vienna (Austria) World Art Nouveau Day

    In order to celebrate and promote the European Art Nouveau heritage and in particular its member cities, the Network organizes a photography contest on its Facebook page as part of the Art Nouveau World Day. This year’s theme of the contest will be “My Favorite Art Nouveau Architect!” to celebrate the architects, who have marked the Art Nouveau movement! The contest is open to all and aims at reaching the general public, to make them become Ambassadors of their local Art Nouveau heritage. The contest will be accompanied with activities organized locally.

    The European Route of Jewish Heritage 2 September - 29 October Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom European Story Telling Jewish Heritage Festival The aim of the Festival is to celebrate simultaneously in different European countries events linked to discovering the intangible Jewish heritage through storytelling activities in places of tangible Jewish heritage. The storytelling activities will seek to promote interaction between different generations, creating a dialogue between young people and older people, where young people can collect, record and edit these stories using digital technology. The event will on one hand, promote awareness of the tangible and intangible heritage among the youngest by promoting their leadership in the activities, and on the other, avoid the loss of the testimonies of older people by collecting them in a single project.
    European Route of Historical Thermal Towns end of September - mid-October (to be fixed) Brussels (Belgium) EHTTA and ESPA Joint Conference on Thermalism and Thermal EU policies Conference organised jointly by the European Historical Thermal towns Association and the European Spas Association, and dedicated to the links between health and cultural tourism. The event will moreover offer the possibility to explore and get to know about the European policies related to thermalism.
    The Saint Martin of Tours Route 11 November 2018 Dom-le-Mesnil, Région Hauts-de-France, Région Picardie, Région Grand Est (France), Rhénanie-Palatinat, Bade-Wurtemberg, Nord-Rhein Westfalen (Germany) Flemish Region (Belgium) Dom-le-Mesnil, international munnicipality for sharing Sharing: principle and duty for peace. 11-year-old children from 11 municipalities along the Saint Martin of Tours Route will inaugurate on the occasion of the Saint Martin and Armistice Day, a commemorative stone dedicated to the theme of sharing. The aim is to remind everyone that peace will only be built on sharing equitable essential resources.

    Huguenot and Waldensian trail

    from April to autumn 2018


    Hesse: Bad Karlshafen, Hofgeismar, Treysa, Rauschenberg

      The duke's canal remained a dream

    Construction and installation of four boats along a canal historically planned but not realized by the Duke in the 18th century. Actions with young Germans and migrants as an arts and crafts project.

    Iron Route in the Pyrenees  07/07/18-23/12/19

    Museum, interpretation centres, schools, cultural centres in Nouvelle Aquitaine, Catalonia, Andorra, Basque Country (France, Spain and Andorra)

    Industrial heritage and iron route in t he Pyrenees Itinerant exhibition on the importance of the iron and steel industrial heritage and the historical cross-border role played by iron in the Pyrenees. In parallel each cultural institution will organize activities such as conferences, exhibition of objects, didactic activities etc.
    The Via Francigena 20 - 21 October 2018 From Siena to Acquapendente in Tusany and Lazio (Italy)  World Francigena Ultramarathon 2018 (2nd edition)

    From Siena to Acquapendente along the white roads of Val d'Arbia and Val d' Orcia. A slow path to discover breathtaking views and paths, touching the most evocative places of Tuscany and Lazio along the Via Francigena. 

    Routes of El legado


    25-26-27 May (Ugíjar) / 1-2-3 June (Almería)   Ugíjar, Almería (Spain) Zocos de al-Andalus

    The activity that will take place in Andalucia is a recreation of a traditional medieval souk with different stands animated by people dressed in traditional customes. An intercultural meeting with the history of al-Andalus.

    Phoenicians' Route


    26 May - 15 September


    Trapani, Cagliari, Carloforte, Alghero, S. Teresa di Gallura, Ajaccio, Calvi, Nice, Marseille, Sete, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Cartagena, Gibraltar, Lagos, Lisbon


    Cultural cruise around the Mediterranean sea, to meet the people, places, tastes and listen to the stories of the Mediterranean, following ancient Phoenicians' Routes.


    Moreover, the European Institute of Cultural Routes has been awarded with EYCH 2018 label for the following activities:


    30.05.2018 / 01.06.2018 - 20th Anniversary of the European Institute of Cultural Routes; Meeting of Council of Europe Ambassadors (Luxembourg)

    On 31st May the European Institute of Cultural Routes will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Representatives of Member States to the Council of Europe and other national and local representatives will gather in Luxembourg at this occasion; a programme of activities involving the Cultural Routes and their diverse expression of heritage will be developed.

    On 1st June the European Institute of Cultural Routes will open its doors to the public with a kakemono exhibition and an evening aperitiv.


    13-15.06.2018 – Annual Training Academy 2018 (Yuste, Spain)

    The Training Academy is designed for representatives of the 31 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and managers of candidate routes and projects. The aim of the training is to optimise cultural routes' capacities to build and manage cultural routes and to develop new tools for creating, maintaining and communicating them. Participants will include the managers of the Council of Europe's cultural routes and managers of routes seeking the Council's certification, as well as experts on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism. The event will be hosted this year by the European Routes of Emperor Charles V in Yuste, Spain. The title of this year’s Academy is: “Innovation and New Trends in Cultural Routes: (Re)interpreting European Cultural Heritage”.



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