• The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 activities: Huguenot and Waldesian Trail

    The HUGUENOT AND WALDESIAN TRAIL  has been awarded with the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 logo for the following activities related to “On the footsteps of Huguenots and Waldensians" project


    For the youth


    « Where is the stranger today? » 

    15 May – 02 June 2018

    North Baden-Württemberg

    Hike with young people under the theme: « Where is the stranger today? » with the goal to make a radio play, a short film and a discovery card.


    "The duke's canal remained a dream"

    From April - autumn 2018

    Hesse: Bad Karlshafen, Hofgeismar, Treysa, Rauschenberg

    Construction and installation of four boats along a canal historically planned but not realized by the Duke in the 18th century. Actions with young Germans and migrants as an arts and crafts project.


    « Two geocaching actions »

    Summer of 2018

    Waldensberg and Rohrbach Waldensian settlements in Hesse
    With the construction of several "multi-caches" to guess and discover the issues around the local history.


    For children


    «Days of discovery and experience under the theme of the history of refugee Huguenots and Vaudois »

    From April 2018 

    Baden-Württemberg and Hesse
    In cooperation with schools municipalities and local associations


    For adults

    From the month of April

    Baden-Württemberg and Hesse

    Ca. 10 hikes, cultural walks and guided tours with local guides and with reading of authentic stories of refugees


    Seminars, workshops, international congresses


    “Le patouà Vaudois”

    September 15th

    The long history of the Waldensians in Baden-Württemberg, its preservation and development in Piedmont.



    Walking following the footsteps of Huguenots and Waldensians in history and the present.


    « Hiking  theme in folktales »




    More info: http://www.surlespasdeshuguenots.eu/