• European Committee of the Regions free MOOC "Make the most of EU resources for your region or city"

    The European Committee of the Regions offers a free massive online course (MOOC) on EU funding at regional and local level, meant to enable participants to find out more about the background of EU funds and how they work in practice.

    The course will last six weeks (15th January - 23rd February), is available in English, German and French and is open to anyone interested in EU and regional and local affairs, and accessible on all devices.

    The course will include videos, factsheets, web-streamed live debates, in order to learn about how the EU institutions function, how the EU budget is prepared, how this impacts at the regional and local level; EU programmes and policies as well as successful stories of EU-funded projects will be explored, examples of available funding opportunitities at regional and local level will be provided. One specific thematic focus will be chosen every week, participants will be asked to evaluate their learning progress via assignments and a weekly quiz.

    The course is co-created with several Directorates-General of the European Commission as well as the European Investment Bank, Interreg Europe and URBACT.

    For more information about the course structure and for enrolling

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