• “Forlì città del ’900” festival: videomessage delivered by Mr Dominioni during the ATRIUM event

    On the occasion of the “Forlì città del ’900” festival (Forli, Italy), organised by ATRIUM - Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the 20th century, certified "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" in 2014, Stefano Dominioni addressed on 16th June a video-message during the round table "Dissonant heritage and role of local communities in creating cultural and tourist experiences".

    As stressed in the video-message, the topic addressed by the Cultural Route provides the room to practice the values and the recommendation of the Council of Europe and stands out as concrete and informal means to narrate and learn about the recent European history. In this regard, it contributes to the promotion of tolerance and respect among Europeans, which stands as a key issue and objective of the Council of Europe.

    ATRIUM represents a remarkable commitment to strengthening the value of heritage for society, reflecting the vision and values enshrined by the Council of Europe Faro Framework Convention. The municipalities participating in ATRIUM have been in fact at the forefront in the valorization of their 20th century urban architectural assets, in order to reconvert the “dissonant heritage” into lively places, which are integrated in the urban built environment conceived as “places of historic memory”, belonging to locals as well as to all European citizens.

    The Cultural Route paves the way for particularly interesting discussions, relating for instance to the use of abandoned buildings built during totalitarian regimes, their role in shaping collective identity, and their contribution to the shaping of contemporary cities

    European Institute of Cultural Routes