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  • Art Nouveau World Day 2017

    The Réseau Art Nouveau Network celebrated the Art Nouveau World Day on 10 June 2017. As part of this international celebration of the Art Nouveau heritage, the Network and its members proposed a varied program of activities!

    The RANN organized a photo contest around the theme "Art Nouveau and movement” which is a characteristic aspect of this trend and similar to the Fin de Siècle period it refers to. The evolution of technology led to the development of transport (trains, aviation), communications (telephone) but also entertainment (photography, cinema) that enhance movement and circulation. Beyond the curves and organic forms or the more geometric lines and rhythms found in Art Nouveau, the play of natural light in the interiors or the representation of moving subjects (such as nature, fauna and the flora) make it a kinetic art.

     Three prizes were awarded among the many participants:

    - Mr. Fabien Toussaint (France) received the prize of the public, his photography "Faïencerie de Lunéville, Art Nouveau ewer of arum shape decorated with water lilies" obtained the most "I like";

    - Ms Alexandra Rolland (Belgium) was awarded the jury prize for her photograph of the "Staircase of the House of the Writer Gorki, Moscow" for the quality of photography, its composition and its correspondence with the theme;

    - The mystery price for the surfer who guessed the origin of the largest number of photos was awarded to Mrs. Olga Harmsen (Netherlands).

    The RANN member cities also participated in the World Art Nouveau Day and developed a program of activities (guided tours, free admission, etc.) for this special day: Vienna (MAK), Nancy (Riga Art Nouveau Center), Ålesund (Jugendstilsenteret), Subotica, Aveiro (Museu da Ciudade), Barcelona (Ruta del Modernisme), Szeged, Ljubljana, Brussels (ARAU), Oradea (Darvas la Roche House) and Belgrade (Leopta Zivota) - see the program available.