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  • 25 years of music in castles and palaces

    25 years of music in castles and palaces
    Villa Musica's 2017 Jubilee Program

    Rhineland-Palatinate is a country of castles and palaces, where history as well modernity are alive. 25 years ago, the responsible persons of the Villa Musica Foundation had a brilliant idea: they wanted to implement a series of concerts exact in this area.

    When the Foundation Villa Musica invites to music in castles and palaces, a very special combination of la...ndscape, old buildings and young classical music is created. The venues stretch across Rhineland-Palatinate, from the Trifels in the
    South Palatinate to the Maus Castle on the Middle Rhine.

    They are castles and baroque châteaux, former synagogues and churches, stately villas from the 19th century and those of our time. Outside, they often give a spectacular view into the landscape, while inside they give insights into the art of young musicians.