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Memories and Places of Memory in Europe, Eric Bussière et Enrique Moradiellos, Brussels, 2012.

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Proceedings of the doctoral summer seminar "Memories and Places of Memory of Europe", organised by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation.


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Media's author: Eric Bessière et Enrique Moradiellos

Languages: Anglais Français, Espagnol

Editor: P.I.E Peter Lang, Brussels

Publishing year : 2012

ISBN/ ISSN: 978-90-5201-796-9

Contents : 


Which Memories for the European Union ? The role of history and memory in the European Integration Process.

The Legacy of the Enlightenment and early Nineteenth century, Liberal Reformism in the Habsburg Monarchy

Memory on screen. Filming Europe's colonial past through contemporary Lenses

La no intervencion. Un lugar de memoria diplomatica para las relaciones hispano-francesas del siglo XX. (only in spanish)

Politica de la memoria en las transiciones a la democracia. Como comparar los casosde Espana y Argentina ? (only in spanish)

The Great Terror in Euro-Communists'Eyes

Polish-Ukrainian Historical Discourses and Reconciliation

Cultural Heritage and National Identity in Post-socialist Macedonia

The silent Bricolage of Memory. Public Narratives and Individual Recollections of the Camps of the 1992-1995 War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cultural Landscapes. Places of Memory