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The Hapsburgs: from the Rhine to the Danube/ Les Habsbourg: Du Rhin au Danube

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The Republic of Austria is proud of its republican constitution and its democracy.  But it also recognizes its “Imperial" history in which one seigniorial house from the Upper Rhine played a decisive role for close to 650 years.  Coming from Alsace in Switzerland, this family, from Hapsburg, known thereafter as the House of Austria, emigrated from Aargau to found, with the all-Germanic willpower and tenacity, an Empire “where the sun never sets".

 "The exposition “The Hapsburgs: from the Rhine to the Danube" represents the height of celebration of a millennium of my Austrian homeland.  I wish it great success with all my heart, and that the many visitors honour the efforts of the county of Aargau, and of the praiseworthy contributions from this exposition’s organizers and contributors."
Markus Lutterotti, ambassador.

Language: French
Editor: Erziehungsdepartement des Kantons Aargau