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Hanseatic sites, routes and monuments. A traveller's guide to the past and present, Westholm Gun, 1996.

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From Middle Ages to the beginning of modern times, Hanseatic cities had constituted a league which were more important for trade development in North Europe than any other economic alliance before. Throughout the Hanse, citizens and merchants from Novgorod ( East) to London ( West) were linked to German, Polish and Belgian cities The main innovation in shipping technology of the Early Middle Ages, the "kogge", became symbol of Hanseatic League activities. These boats were able to carry more goods than any ship in Europe. 
(Introduction by Hans Sand)

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Media's author : WESTHOLM Gun
Language : English
Editor : Almqvist & Wiksell Tryckeri
Publishing year : 1996
ISBN/ISSN : 91.972854.0.4

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Council of Europe 
Hanseatic sites, routes and monuments
The Hanseatic league
Hanseatic Routes circa 1230 
Hanseatic Routes circa 1295 
Hanseatic Routes circa 1370
Important production areas 
Hanseatic cities, firmly suggested for cultural tourism. Map 
Museums about history of the Hanse
Hanseatic cities of Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Norway, Danmark, Sweden, Finland, East Baltic Area, Russia, Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania and Poland.
Hanseatic cities, kontor and factories by alphabetic order. Map.