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  • Opportunités de financement européen : 2017 - CEF Telecom EUROPEANA - 3 Appels d'offres

    (English version)

    We are pleased to inform you of a funding opportunity, launched by the European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA):  2017-3 CEF Telecom Europeana call. Europeana is a project developed to incentive member states to digitalise and enhance digital preservation in Europe. The portal provides free access to a wide array of digital content.

    Here below follow some brief information on the call, for further details please refer to the related website page or contact the Helpdesk.

    • PROJECT ELIGIBILITY: The focus of the call is on user-oriented projects, showcasing concrete tools, products or services improving the end-user experience of Europeana and/or innovative products or services re-using the material accessible through Europeana across several sectors, from education and research, to tourism and creative industries. The financial assistance provided is expected to contribute to efficient solutions for trans- European awareness and accessibility of digital resources of European heritage, increasing their cross-border visibility, use and take-up and realising their full economic and/or societal potential.
    • APPLICANTS’ ELIGIBILITY: Actions must be proposed by a minimum of three public and/or private entities based in three different Member States and/or EEA (European Economic Area) countries.
    • COVERAGE AND DURATION: The funding under this call will cover the design, development and implementation of the tools, products or services until the given tools, products or services goes live. The indicative duration of an action proposed under this call is 18 months.