On October 15th 2016, the joint meeting of the Scientific Committee and the Steering Committee of the Phoenicians' Route has taken place. Besides the presentation of the contexts in which Phoenicians’ Routes currently operates, the issues of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization, ICOM and innovative forms of cultural, experiential and creative tourism were introduced to the participants. This was followed by case studies presentation, thanks to the collaboration between Mediterranean Universities and the Phoenicians’ Route (Salento University, Bologna University – Rimini Campus, Jaén University, IHET Sidi Drif Carthage Tunis, IULM Milan University, etc.).

During the meeting, the three years activities plan for 2016-2018 has been discussed and drafted for approval during the General Assembly the following day. The new internal operational governance of the Scientific Committee and the Steering Committee, have also been approached. In particular, the assembly decided to set up a Scientific Committee limited to five experts from different countries of the Route. The plurality and diversity of the former Scientific Committee will be conserved in the national scientific boards of each national network. This will allow to have transversal thematic committees working under the guide of the international scientific committee and being solicited on demand. The Route Director and the Scientific Committee Coordinator will draft a list of possible members before the end of the year.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 09:03
The Phoenicians’ Route