6th Advisory Forum “Expanding the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: challenges and opportunities”

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The Cultural Routes Advisory Forum is the most important and significant annual event of the Cultural Routes programme of the Council of Europe. The Forum discusses trends and challenges in relation to Cultural Routes and provides a platform for sharing experiences, reviewing progress with the implementation of Cultural Routes. The event debates on new professional practices, the launch of new initiatives and the development of partnerships.

The Cultural Routes programme of the Council of Europe encounters growing interest among national and local authorities, cultural management practitioners as well as from tourism operators and the wider public. This year’s Forum will explore the recent expansion of the programme, highlighting both challenges and opportunities. Lithuania hosts this year’s Advisory Forum in Vilnius on 26-27 October. Over two days of workshops and interactive debates, the Forum will explore the following themes:

  1. Expanding the geographic coverage and launching new partnerships
    • Extending certified Cultural Routes to new countries, regions, cities; Developing new Cultural Routes in Northern, Eastern and South-East Europe;
    • Reinforcing relationships with stakeholders and partners; the role of tourism operators and European networks
  2. Developing new themes and practices
    • Industrial and scientific heritage, European history and integration, landscape and heritage, art and architecture;
    • Reaching new audiences and developing innovative communication tools: web 2.0., social media, branding and marketing;
    • Seeking new funding opportunities through the shared economy: crowd funding, public-private partnerships, etc.;
    • Developing cultural routes’ sustainability and accessibility

Participants in this year’s Forum will include representatives of national, regional and local authorities, certified cultural routes and candidates, academics, experts and tourism professionals, along with representatives of International Organizations and European Institutions. The past Advisory Forums were held in Spain (2015), Azerbaijan (2014), Austria (2013), France (2012) and Luxembourg (2011).

Official website: culturalroutesvilnius.kpd.lt

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European Institute of Cultural Routes
Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 17:07