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Die deutsche Hanse, Eine heimliche Supermacht/ The German Hansa, a secret superpower

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January 1358: A propaganda stunt succeeded. A group of merchants and cities gave itself a name: the Hansa. At its peak, until 200 towns belonged to it. How did the Hansa become so strong that it built in nearly half a millennium the world trade markets of the Middle Age from Russia to Flanders, that she could build a profit-making trade network from Iceland to Venice and even lead wars against kings?  

The German Hansa, empire of the merchants, is more than a story of dealers and pirates, sails and caravans, bandits and pillagers. This book tells boldness and swindle, speculation and financial crisis, adventurers.

A new reference book about the story of the Hansa, told clearly and with passion.

Authors: G. Graichen, R. Hammel-Kiesow
Language: german