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Saint Colomban Route

The St. Colomban’s Friends Association, founded in 2013 by the representatives of Colomban’s places of residence in North Ireland, France and Italy, aims to enhance the historic and cultural importance of the Saint’s journey, and the impact of his values that still resonates in today’s Europe.

Irish evangelizer from Bangor, Colomban first travel to France in 590 where he and his companions build different monasteries, namely the monastery of Luxeuil. However, the Burgundian royalty has important disagreements with his views and he is forced into exile in 610. Colomban therefore begins a second journey through the North of France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, ending in Bobbio in Italy where he will die in 615.

The European pilgrimage of St. Colomban and his disciples is therefore crossed by many monastic foundations, and characterized by the Colomban’s conception of Christian virtue. His vision and writings were rapidly diffused and resulted in the construction of many others monasteries in Western Europe, which therefore had a long lasting impact on the continent.

St. Colomban’s writings are the oldest known documents to mention Europe as unified community of peoples. The objective of the St. Colomban Route is therefore to promote Colomban’s knowledge and vision and to give value to his heritage, perceived as a connection between different european peoples and cultures.


Website (in French) : Amis de Saint Colomban