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Blue languages in Europe, Albastru, Azul, Bleu, Blu..., Aline Rutily, Artebambini, 2011, Bologna.

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Blue Languages in Europe is the result of the European project: "Blue languages in Europe. creativity and innovation" initiate and coordinated by Aline Rutily between 2009 and 2011, in collaboration with the city of Ravenne, Italia, the departmental Inspection of Bacau, Romania, the Beliaev cultural and choregraphic centre and the Joao de Deus School in Faro, Portugal. 

Aline Rutily works in the association  Landscape and heritage without borders.


- Blue Languages in Europe

- Albastru

- Azul

- Bleu

- Blu

- Insert

- a CD " Beliaev Centro Cultural Companhia de Dança do Algarve"